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AI copywriting tools are simply the software applications that generate content relevant to the topic and context. It allows users to prescribe the parameters and text, thereafter using an AI algorithm to understand them. AI copywriting tools use machine learning and natural language to generate copy that fits the criteria and tone. 

It uses natural processing language (NLP) to replicate and produce well constructed and close to natural human language content.

These tools provide an endless number of benefits including, optimizing content for SEO, strategizing content and saving time. For now, we will focus on AI-generated content for marketing and e-commerce. From content for your landing page and meta descriptions to email marketing campaigns, AI copywriting tools can do it all. AI copywriting tools are so promising that they can generate high-quality, plagiarism-free and grammatically correct content in minutes. Also, It requires only minimum input to optimize your content for SEO and sales conversion. 

Features to look for in a well developed AI copywriting software –

An ideal AI Copywriting tool should work hand in hand with the advancements taking place in the industry.

  • Templates and Frameworks – These tools contain templates and frameworks depending upon their target market. Look how many templates and frameworks they have and understand how helpful they are. Many times, despite having various templates, a good output isn’t always generated.

  • Integration with third-party apps – For a marketer, using various softwares for different use cases can cause app fatigue. The job of an AI is to lessen the burden on the marketer and to produce better content faster. A good tool should integrate with third-party apps to combat the chances of burnout for you.

  • Work Management and Collaboration Feature – Writing a good piece requires a whole team: The head of content, Content Writer, Content Editor and many more. Even with the use of an AI, feedback, proofreading and feedback has to be done by a team. An efficient copywriting tool should have a space where all the team members can collaborate.

  • Bulk Content Generation – An excellent AI should help you generate loads of copies. As for some marketing tasks like e-commerce product description you’ll need more than one output.

  • Community Support – This feature is not something that you will initially require but it will help you in the long run. Community is a way of crowdsourcing support among other users.

    When you are stuck and have questions regarding a feature and need a quick response. In such cases, community support is of great help.

  • Content Export Ability – The generated content is used somewhere else. Like Google ads, social media content, blog posts, etc. AI copywriting software should automate this exporting process to decrease your burden and give your work an edge.

  • Plagiarism checker – You can never rule out the possibility of plagiarism with AI copywriting tools. They are trained to gather information from different sources using GPT-3 and create original content. Hence, a plagiarism checker is a must have feature.

Having gone through these features, let us have a look at the best available options –

Final thoughts –Though AI copywriting tools are used by various businesses, human copywriters still have a huge power. The Software that these tools have right now is not yet capable of providing ready-to-use content. They still require human help because of the occasional errors and plagiarism that happen while using them.

AI Copywriting tools still need many more advancements yet they are an excellent tool in reducing the huge burden that a content writing team faces. 

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