Thursday, June 1

Design tools are softwares that collaborate with a designer. The main purpose of a design tool is to make a designer’s job easy and less time consuming. Most of the time, designers are self-sufficient but a little help from these tools goes a long way.

Design tools are further divided broadly on the service they provide. From logo generators, video editors to landing page builders, there are tons of design tools available. With the availability of such a wide variety, it is tough to choose one that will work for you. 

Choosing a design tool according to your requirement is easy. Like Html5UP can help you build an awesome landing page. But before deciding on one, there are a few features that are a must-have in any design tool:

Project Requirements-

You are obviously going for a design tool to meet a project requirement. Before investing in a tool, look out that it can meet your present and future project requirements. Understand how big or complex your project is and will this tool help you achieve the desired output. Try a few tools and swap between them for different projects, one cannot do it all.

Future Upgrades-

The tools you are investing in right now are required to upgrade, reinvent and adapt according to future advancements in need. You don’t want to get stuck with a tool that is unable to provide you help in upcoming projects. Think long term before buying one.

Community and support Offered-

Every tool comes with some initial hurdles. It is good to have a support service to get you through. Community will help you deal with the issues that someone has also previously faced. Quick responses will also help you recover quickly rather than staying stuck on one query and save time.

Third Party Integrations-

You are likely using a number of different tools to help you get through the day. Your design tool should be capable of integrating with these third parties to speed things up.

Learning curve and resources-

Always take up a demo before investing in a good design tool. Understand how much time it will take to completely get a hold of it and how much you can dedicate.

Price and Value-

Can you safely maximize the potential of using a tool against its cost? Factor in what value you would again and is it worth the price that you will pay.

A few resources-
  • Screely – To turn screenshots into a beautiful website mockup

  • Microcopy – To help you search for Micro UX copy texts like slogans , headlines, notifications, etc.

  • Lost Geometry – Here you can find 90+ abstract 3D shapes, to bring a modern touch to your interfaces.

  • Canva – helps you create beautiful graphics for social media, blog posts, etc.

  • TypeGenius – An Online tool that will suggest an excellent combination of fonts for your website.

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