The power reviews hold on your conversion rates and brand image is already talked about enough that. They tend to hold an immense amount of trust from customers and are impactful on customer decisions. Reviews help you with SEO especially if you are a small business.

Reviews are one part to focus on, using those reviews in your favor is another. The solution to using these reviews in your favor is available on the internet in the form of Review Platforms. While there are tons to choose from, Following are the widgets that we recommend –

  • – is a no code platform with smart integrations.It has a reputation management tool that lets you collect reviews across websites and boost ratings on other sites. The best part about is a review importer to import and collect reviews from multiple platforms. It also has a social proof editor, making it easier for customers to add photos and videos to their feedback.

  • ReviewBuzz –

One major perk of ReviewBuzz is, it has an option which lets you create employee profiles. It has a one-click review request and text message communication. ReviewBuzz provides you with statistics about how your company and team are performing.

The price of ReviewBuzz is $199 per location per month billed annually or $249 month to month. This pricing includes all of the features. A free demo can also be booked from their website.

  • Birdeye –

Birdeye is built to benefit your CRM  by sending automated, personalized review requests. It helps you turn conversations into customers. Lets you respond to customer reviews, answer questions and engage your audience. It also provides you with exclusive insights about your business and manages your online reputation.

  • Propel –

With only a few review platforms providing the option of video reviews, Propel is one of them. It automates the complete process of review collection and update and embeds as a widget on your website. The insights are clear so that you know exactly who’s checking your reviews. Minimalistic and simple menu format makes the whole experience of the widget view-friendly. It ensures that only your best reviews are presented at strategic spots. There are four plans you can pick from –

Lite: $0 / month 

Basic: $50 / month 

Pro: $99 / month

Business Pro: $399 / month 

  • EmbedSocial – 

With its API integrations you can get all your social media reviews in seconds. With EmbedSocial you can embed simple schema codes that will add star ratings in Google search. These one line schema codes will increase your google search visibility and website traffic. Advanced customizations lets you change the layout of the platform to match your website color palette. 

There are two plans, A pro plan – $29/month and a premium plan – $99/month.

  • NiceJob –

NiceJob claims that the usage is so easy, even your grandma can use it. It gives your customers the ability to refer your business to their friends and family. Social proof widget allows you to feature best customer reviews on your website in just a few minutes.

The platform has three review plans –

Basic plan – $0/month with 14 days trial of standard features

Standard plan – $75/month

Convert plan – $99/month with guaranteed 10% more customers or the platform is free.

  • Get More Reviews –

Get More Reviews does not have anything special that will stand out. Automated review requests via simple SMS or email, plus also enables you to manage and respond to your customer feedback.

It has a 14 day free trial that can be continued with a $99/month plan. The plan includes everything from email review generation to dashboard analytics access.

  1. JustReview –

JustReview helps you collect all the reviews and testimonials at one single, secure place. It also conveniently lets you include those reviews on each of your subpages in the form of badges. The platform focuses on increasing your CRM by enriching your website with Google Rich Snippets Data.

Reviews hold an upper hand in turning the tables for your business. It is a crucial and time consuming task, when done without any help. Investing in a Review platform is one of the best things you will do for your business.

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