YouTube is the second largest search engine, with over 3 billion searches per month. It has more than 2 billion monthly users making it one of the social media giants.

With its global reach and wide audience, YouTube is now a vital marketing platform for modern small businesses. Posting regularly on the platform can improve your SEO ranking, your brand image and create opportunities to partner with other creators and small business owners. While many business owners believe YouTube is a platform for millennial influencers and gen-z population, they tend to forget that almost 90% of the shoppers use YouTube to research the products.

Video content is one of the most powerful ways to reach customers. It is not only a video-sharing platform but also a dynamic ad platform. Small business owners looking to grow their sales should not ignore YouTube marketing. Below are the key points about marketing your business on YouTube –

Right type of Content- 

While posting on YouTube is a regular process, what is getting posted on your channel also plays a huge part. Whatever videos you choose to create make them sales-driven and content-driven. The video should focus on the product or entertainment, education and inspiration.

Spend time watching other YouTube videos and understand how you want to strategize your videos. Replicate the video experience that will increase your sales and educate your potential customers. 

Keep it simple and short –

According to an analysis, the best performing videos are around two minutes long. Anything more than four minutes will lead to a drop-off in engagement. 

Do not forget to add a strong call to action (CTA), feature your website link or a landing page. Take into account the video title, description and tags to include keywords and CTAs throughout the user experience.

Video creation using free tools –

What goes behind the scenes of the video creation should not always involve a production crew or fancy equipment. The Internet is a space full of free tools to support your video content creation. You can use websites like Animoto and Biteable

Does not matter the way you decide to create content, keep the tonality, filters and colors consistent.

Marketing Campaigns within YouTube –

Marketing campaigns on YouTube is a relatively budget friendly idea for small businesses in comparison to Google. There are many tutorials online to teach you about different variables and targeting options. Having a campaign is an easy task once your content in place. There are three types of ads you can invest in on YouTube: Preroll,TrueView and Bumpers.

Track the effectiveness of your videos –

Metrics are one of the biggest contributors in deciding what action to take in future. Number of views, likes and dislikes speak a great deal about how your content is doing on YouTube. These indicators also include your video ranking which is calculated by YouTube algorithm. Your thumbnail, title, description, tags, category and subtitles can help you raise your rank. 

Giveaways and Gifts –

Do not shy away from hosting occasional giveaways on your channel. This can boost your sales and increase customer engagement at a very fast pace. Your potential customers will not leave an opportunity of winning a giveaway. 

Conclusion –

Persistence and patience are two things that are necessary to make your YouTube marketing strategy work. YouTube already provides every business with an insane amount of traffic and customers, that makes it a competitive platform. For a successful marketing experience on YouTube, knowing how to frame your content around what people are searching is important.

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