Thursday, June 1

Abby Ruffier

Join our host and industry experts on “The One Marketing Thing Podcast – Powered by Propel” as they share powerful insights and inspiring stories for new digital marketers. In this episode, Abby shares how principles of human psychology can help improve digital marketing strategies.

Abby has been working in digital marketing for several years and her expertise in the technical SEO strategy field has allowed her to design and optimize websites to enhance user experience and drive conversions. Her passion for making users happy has been at the core of her success, and she continues to adapt to the evolving digital landscape to help her clients achieve their marketing goals. Abby’s career took off just before the pandemic, and she quickly learned to navigate the challenges that came with it, further strengthening her abilities as a digital marketer.

The One Marketing Thing podcast features Abby Rufi who talks about the principles of human psychology to create more effective digital marketing. She discusses the shift towards e-commerce in the pandemic, the need to create a human experience without seeing people as much, and the changes in designing web pages and advertising products. Abby also talks about the importance of making websites intuitive, easy to use, and accessible, and avoiding obstacles that may prevent customers from making a purchase. Additionally, she emphasizes the need for videos and images in websites and mentions that people are starting to search on TikTok, where they can see simple recipes and learn things faster. Finally, she highlights the importance of showing real people in marketing materials to attract more customers.

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