Thursday, June 1

Joya Scarlata 

Join our host and industry experts on “The One Marketing Thing Podcast – Powered by Propel” as they share powerful insights and inspiring stories for new digital marketers. In this episode, Joya shares about some misconceptions when it comes to AI in marketing?

Joya Scarlata serves as the Director of Digital Marketing at InterraIT, a B2B IT service company headquartered in San Jose, California. With a decade of marketing experience under her belt, she possesses a keen interest in both writing and public speaking on the subject of AI’s influence on the marketing industry.

The One Marketing Thing podcast features an interview with Joya Scarlata, the director of digital marketing at InterraIT. She has been working in the marketing field for over 10 years and has a keen interest in AI and its impact on marketing. Joya discusses how AI is becoming an increasingly important tool in marketing, particularly for automating and optimizing marketing processes. She addresses some common misconceptions, including the fear that AI will replace human marketers. Joya argues that AI should be viewed as a complement to marketers rather than a substitute for the creativity and strategic thinking that they bring to the table. Although repetitive tasks that can be automated will likely be replaced by AI tools, Joya believes that there will always be a human element involved in marketing.

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