Jonathan Marx

Join our host and industry experts on “The One Marketing Thing Podcast – Powered by Propel” as they share powerful insights and inspiring stories for new digital marketers. In this episode, Jonathan shares how to effectively market products and services using science and research.

Jonathan Marx, MBA, is a seasoned medical and health marketer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Since 2001, he has been dedicated to delivering impactful marketing strategies in the healthcare sector. Prior to his current role as the President and Founder of GoToHealth Media, LLC, Jonathan served as a C-Suite executive in various multi-media communications companies. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Jonathan brings a wealth of insights to help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

The One Marketing Thing podcast features Jonathan Marx as a guest, discussing the effective use of science and research in marketing products and services. Jonathan introduces himself as a veteran with 20 years of medical marketing experience, including work for the Centers for Disease Control and projects focused on topics like ADHD and the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on mental health.

Jonathan emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience at a deep level, not just intellectually but also emotionally, in order to address their needs and motivations effectively. He suggests conducting market research and engaging in conversations with the target market to gain insights that can inform marketing strategies.

He also highlights the significance of measurement and data analysis in marketing efforts. By tracking results and using tools like Google Analytics, marketers can evaluate the success of their initiatives and make informed decisions based on the data. Jonathan emphasizes the need for ongoing research and adaptation, trying different approaches and monitoring their impact to identify what works best.

The conversation touches on the importance of educating both professionals and the public, as demonstrated in the case of ADHD. Jonathan shares how research led to a better understanding of ADHD in adults, challenging the previous belief that it disappeared after the teenage years. He discusses the success of an education program that reached healthcare professionals and ADHD patients, leveraging different media formats to accommodate diverse learning styles.

Jonathan concludes by emphasizing the significance of repetition and using multiple media channels to reinforce key messages. By sharing information through various formats such as blogs, videos, and advertisements, marketers can cater to different learning styles and ensure their messages resonate with the audience.

Overall, the podcast episode emphasizes the value of science, research, ongoing measurement, and adaptability in effectively marketing products and services.

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