Thursday, June 1

Kent Lewis


Join our host and industry experts on “The One Marketing Thing Podcast – Powered by Propel” as they share one powerful insight with an inspiring story for new digital marketers. In this episode, Kent the Chief Marketing Officer at Deksia, reveals about how to navigate the intersection of AI and Digital Marketing.

Kent Lewis is the Chief Marketing Officer for Deksia, a strategy-driven creative marketing agency. He has a background in integrated marketing and founded Anvil Media, a measurable marketing agency specializing in search engine and social media marketing. Lewis is an investor and advisor to several companies, and has been recognized for his contributions to the industry through awards and industry publications.

In this episode of The One Marketing Thing podcast, Kent an industry veteran and chief marketing officer for emerging tech, discusses the topic of navigating the intersection of AI and digital marketing. He explains that AI is an inevitable force in the industry, and those who embrace it will have job security in the future. He suggests that AI should be used as an amplifier and multiplier to enhance job performance, rather than as a tool to reduce staff. Marketers should understand the various ways AI can be used, while new marketers can benefit from mastering AI. Kent also highlights the benefits of AI language models, such as Chat GPT, in content creation, website optimization, data analysis, personalization, process automation, and customer service. Chat GPT can generate high-quality content and assist with data analysis and reporting. It can also provide personalized content experiences based on user behavior and enhance process automation and customer service. With the advancement of AI, it can solve real problems in ways that were previously impossible.

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