Corey Levin

Founding Partner, Truth & Conseqeuences

Join our host and industry experts on “The One Marketing Thing Podcast – Powered by Propel” as they invite Corey to share his insights on the skill of active listening in business.

Corey is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for launching successful businesses. He was instrumental in the launch of, an artificial intelligence-driven communications platform, and is also an owner of Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC), a top regional mixed martial arts organization and UFC strategic partner. Corey led the company’s rebrand in 2018 and established all sales materials and touchpoints, as well as sponsorship acquisition strategies. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in the growth of branding firm 160over90 from just $4 million in annual new business growth in 2010 to over $50 million in the first seven months of 2017.

In this episode of the One Marketing Thing podcast, the guest expert, Corey Levin,emphasizes the importance of active listening in sales and new business development. He believes that listening is the foundation of finding clients and partners and doing due diligence with clients before coming up with any ideas or recommendations on how they could be successful or reaching other audiences. Corey acknowledges that active listening is a skill that is learned over time and suggests that being prepared, doing research, and coming up with questions are important in being an active listener. He advises marketers to focus on the end user or target audience, get their feedback, and listen to their opinions before making assumptions about their preferences. Corey stresses the importance of taking time to be an active listener, absorbing information, and avoiding the goldfish mentality of jumping from one thing to the next.

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