Saturday, June 3

Meta platforms, previously named Facebook Inc., works on helping people connect, find and shelter communities and grow businesses. All the widely known social media platforms namely – Instagram, facebook and WhatsApp are owned by Meta along with other products and services.

Meta recently reported 2.93 billion monthly active users. With so many users of its flagship platforms, it is necessary to have features that will support every existing community. For businesses, in Messenger you can add live chat to your website. In facebook, you can buy ads and use tools to reach the correct audience.  

For this year’s holiday season Meta has introduced new ad formats, ad placement, and more AI driven tools. The rollout will enable advertisers to improve their campaigns oriented with performance.

Free songs from Meta Sound Collection- 



Reels have experienced a 30% increase in the time people spend engaged in them. Because of this, Meta is now working on creating even more engagement through the Reels format for businesses. It has now introduced free songs that you can add to Carousel Ads from Meta Sound Collection.     


Image carousel ads for Reels-


Image Carousel ads are currently in a testing phase. These are horizontally scrollable ads including 2-10 image ads. They will be shown at the end of the Facebook reels page. 


Post-loop ads on facebook Reels-


To improve the connectivity of a business to its customers through Facebook Reels. Post-loop Ads are 4-10 seconds long skippable and standalone video ads. They play after a reel finishes and again after the ad has ended, reels will continue to play.


AI-Driven performance- 


Meta through a study found out that advantage+ Shopping Campaigns lead to improvements in cost per acquisition. And also a significant increase in the returns advertisers got.

Based on this, Meta has decided to roll out advantage Custom Audience. Through this automation product marketers will get the power to prioritize the delivery of ads within a custom audience.The product is meant to leverage a marketers custom audience to increase the business’ reach among its customers. The entire process is made possible with AI and machine learning.


Click to messenger ads-


To help increase the ROI of advertisers, Meta has launched Click to Messenger ads. These ads appear on WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram direct messages. This will help advertisers to reach the people who genuinely seem interested in initiating the conversation. 

The new rollouts will make the holiday advertising even better for the advertisers. Meta aims to vest power in people’s hands to develop communities. Ads are a quintessential part in this journey for businesses and brands on multiple platforms. Though a few of the introductions are still in the testing phase, they are still very efficient. This is Meta’s way of helping advertisers with lead generation as well as saving time and reducing cost.

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