Thursday, June 1

LinkedIn is a platform that allows marketers, businesses and individuals to connect with people and professionals in your industry. It is one of the most well renowned and largest professional networks. With over 830 million members and 58 million registered companies, it is also known as a “professional social networking site”. 

As for businesses, LinkedIn is especially more effective in lead generation than other social media platforms. 43% marketers have said, at least one of their customers was sourced from LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn you can join-in on the conversation that matters using LinkedIn Live Events. The most impressive part is the average web audience’s buying power is doubled over on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is best to-

  • Boost your content across multiple devices to your targeted audience.
  • Reach your audience with a personalized message when they are active and most engaged on the platform.
  • Market to quality audiences like influencers and decision makers who can take action on new opportunities.
  • Inspire your audience to take action, using the right ad formats that LinkedIn offers to drive results.
  • Manage your businesses online reputation. 

Now, you know how much potential LinkedIn has for your business growth and management. But how can you tap on this potential without missing out on any? 


Keep Your LinkedIn profile up-to-date –


Your profile matters a lot. Keep it updated as it can affect your contact rate. Continuously optimize your profile regularly and maintain 100% completeness. Keep it authentic and real, authenticity is often rewarded in the business world.


Work on increasing your page followers –


A good number of page followers directly influence your engagement rate. All your updates appear on the feed on your followers, giving you a more relevant audience with each update. For this, invite your profile connections to follow your page and promote your page through emails, newsletters and blog posts.


Publish content that can engage your audience –


Put out the content that your target audience will read. Use the content that sounds too salesy, it doesn’t perform analytically well on Linkedin.

Your community wants to read and consume fresh content. Thought leadership content works extremely well on LinkedIn as well.

In the midst of all this, do not forget to publish and promote your own services and products. 

Cater your audience with custom images and videos (1-2 minutes long). 

Live videos are much better and generate 24x more comments. Also, use hashtags to increase your appearance. 


Create an effective LinkedIn profile –


Your page should have more than enough material for your potential customers to learn about your business.

Work on highlighting your best content, Direct Sponsored Content can help you test multiple variations of your messages. 


Optimize your page for search –


To gain more visibility, having a well-optimized company page is important. 

Use keywords: Insert the keywords that your potential customers might be using to search for your product/ Service. Preferably include them in the About tab overview. This will ensure a clear-cut representation of who you are and what you do.

Link your page on your website: Links are a good way to ensure a boost in your search ranking. 

Post relevant content: Post frequently and keep the content relevant. The more regularly you post, the more your followers will get engaged. The more engagement you will have, the higher your page will rank in search results. 

LinkedIn ad campaigns –



Sponsored content, Dynamic ads or Message ads are utilized with the help of Campaign Manager to run self-service ad campaigns on Linkedin.

It enables you to decide your budget, form goals and have full control over your campaign’s timeline. 

Use analytics in an advanced way –



Through LinkedIn’s visual analytics you can easily understand what is working for you and what is not. 

You can monitor both your page and campaign analytics. These analytics will help you improve your performance and strategy.

The Bottom line is, LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for almost everything your business needs. From growing your network to scaling your business and everything in between.

Different platforms work for different businesses. LinkedIn might work for your business. Even if the platform you focus on is Facebook or twitter, Do also make a profile on LinkedIn. Start exploring the opportunities it has to offer and generate high quality leads.

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