Instagram’s success is wild and there’s no doubt that the success it got was evident from the beginning. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is rapidly growing. Instagram is a platform that is supportive and works on the growth of all its communities.   

Almost 80% of its users made an online purchase with the help of Instagram. Making it a platform with high sales power. Let’s agree that boosting your sales is the bottom line of every marketing effort. Along with a good sales power, Instagram enables its business mode users to track their sales and leads.

You can make the most out of Instagram through its Ad surfaces and tools. But what makes Instagram the best platform for advertising your business? The engagement rate of 4.21%, which is the highest in-comparison to other platforms. The engagement rate of Facebook and Twitter combined is only 0.10%. 

Benefits of using Instagram for advertising –

  • Instagram alone harbors the community of more than 700 million users.
  • Connectivity of Instagram and Facebook. This makes the targeting of your audience much easier. You can create ads and set them up through Facebook, so you don’t have to learn how to do all this on Instagram from scratch.
  • The basis on which Instagram measures your campaign success is your reach, recall and awareness. Your number of followers, likes or comments make no difference.
  • Easy Integration with Shopify.
  • Results obtained through Instagram are the best till now. They are less time consuming and more effective than other online platforms.  

Instagram recently announced new ads surfaces and tools. The motive is to reach more customers, provide business an easier access to creativity, storytelling and growth. 

Free, high-quality music for Reels ads-



Reels continue to engage more and more people. Reel ads prove to reach new customers. You can now add songs from the Meta Sound collection to carousel ads on Reels. You will have the manual option to select the song or you can let the app pick one.


Ads in Profile Feed and Explore Home-


Explore home is the page that you first see as soon as you visit the Explore tab. This feature is to engage the audience in the beginning stages of new content discovery itself. 

Profile feed is the feed experience that users get after visiting a profile page and opening a post. This enables advertisers to reach more customers using the feed assets you already have.


Multi-advertisers ads-


This feature delivers more related ads when a person engages with an advertisement. It engages the customers whose recent activity suggests that they are in a shopping mindset. This is powered by machine learning. Multi-advertisers have proven to improve conversion rate. 


Augmented reality ads-


Before starting on AR ads, they are currently in a testing phase on the Beta app. The feature is to interact with the customers through Augmented reality.

To inspire new audiences, Instagram also makes it super easy to convert your posts into ads. You can follow the below steps and tips to access this feature:

  1. Select a post that you want to promote.
  2. Select the destination people will reach when they click your ad.
  3. Define your target audience.
  4. Plan your budget.
  5. Track your 

The pricing of Instagram ads depends on your bidding model. This bidding model can include your cost-per-click (CPC). The cost of Instagram ads may increase if your business has a competitive industry. Even then, the prices are budget friendly and cheaper than other marketing tools. Companies typically pay around $1 per link click, but as said earlier this may fluctuate and go up to $3 per click.

The takeaway we want you to have from this article is, Instagram is a platform that you must utilize. The potential and the growth your business can tap on is immense.

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