Instagram made its very first appearance back in 2010, gathering up about 25,000 users in a single day. Thus proving it is here to stay, grow and take the lead. What began with a social media platform filled with pictures of self, pets and food grew to be a thriving marketing channel for small businesses and brands.

Statistics here prove the fact that in 12 years Instagram grew in a diverse way. It has 1 billion monthly active users, among them 81% shoppers use IG to research products or services before purchasing them. Also 69% of U.S. marketers plan to spend most of their influencer budget on Instagram. Competition to win and stay on top of the game is evident in such scenario. Content that you put out on Instagram builds a direct connection with your followers and thereafter acts as a trigger for them to make the purchase. Following segment covers the content that works best on the platform:

Reposting user generated content of your product –

Reposting UGC leads to word-of-mouth marketing. It shows that your brand engages with the community that they focus on providing their products and services to. Also brings credibility among the potential customers for your brand. 

Customer Testimonial –

Let your customers and your followers communicate with one another through your Instagram page. Post reviews not only on the stories but also on the feed. This will also drive you to deliver the best products and services at your customers doorstep.

Showcase your product in use-video –

This post will act as a pitch for your product as well as a value giving post on your feed, hitting the sweet spot of the follower. Shoot a video in which the product is in use, make it as relatable and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

New product releases –

Talk about your product as much as possible along with fun posts to keep the feed interesting and engaging. If you have or will have a new product in store, post about it to increase the hype among the followers.

Process video –

Show your customers what goes into the product from its initial stages to the very last stage of delivery. It will make the followers more involved and customers more awaited for the arrival of the order.

Story behind your business –

Instagram is a superior way to directly connect with your audience, make them well aware about the hardships and the fun parts of the business that you invested so much time into. Show them where you were and where you are now in this journey, make them feel included in your success.

Best selling product post –

Your ultimate aim is to get sales through Instagram, do this by posting about your bestsellers from time to time making it look as non-salesy as possible. 

Create guides –

Guides can easily be termed as the most helpful tool in providing resources to the customers. Compile your favorite posts from your feed that you want your followers to look out for. 

Discount sales, coupons and giveaways –

Give your followers a chance to grab best of the deals from your platform, this will help in engaging new audiences as well as satisfying already existing ones. Keep in mind that these deals are not to be kept for a longer period of time otherwise it will ultimately lose its effect on the audience.

Post FAQs –

Audiences often have queries relating to the product but stop short of asking them through DMs, posting FAQs makes it easy for them to approach you with questions.

Instagram live –

Going live on Instagram will let your audience know you and your brand on a more personal level, they will know that there is more to you than your posts and stories about your products. Afterall, Instagram is all about bringing together business and connectivity.

Social cause you care about –

Customers love to know that the money they are spending is also making a contribution for a charitable cause. A few of the organizations are, Feeding America, American Red Cross and many more.

Introduce the team –

Introduce the team members working from the back end in a way the audience can connect and relate to them, tell them about their hobbies, what they excel in, about their hidden talents and a number of other things followers might be interested in. 

Relatable memes and trending reels-

Hop onto the current trends rather than working according to the same conventional plan. Make your feed fun, engaging and scroll worthy. Post relatable memes that your audience can have a good laugh at and trending reels to make the audience feel that you are also a human at the end of the day. Make sure to relate these memes and reels with the products and services that you provide. 

Milestones in your business –

Share your small and big milestones with your followers. Your Instagram is the home to the community that your business has built over the time, show that you are grateful to have them included in your business. These milestones can be as small as hitting the mark of 5000 followers or as big as a collaboration with a big brand. 

Instagram might be a single application but it has multiple facets that helps a diversified population thrive on the platform.The power it holds to dictate and divert consumer decisions is immense, it’s a field that if played right can be won. Plan your feed with appropriate amounts of informative, entertaining and sales posts and there is no way that your followers are not becoming your customers over time! 

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