Google is constantly working on better connectivity of people to helpful information. Everyday, changes are made to enhance and improve their search results. Big and small updates are made regularly, while small updates may go unnoticed but big updates can have an impact on your site.

Google through its twitter handle on Sept. 12 announced the release of the core update Sept 2022 that will take up to two weeks to finish rolling out. These announcements are only made when the changes are big enough to have some effect on publishers and search marketers. First such core update of 2022 was “Helpful Content Update” announced back in May and had just recently finished rolling out on Sept. 9.

As for now, Google has not confirmed how this update will impact the search results (SERPs) globally but the search community has a fairly hopeful response to this announcement. Whenever Google makes updates, it means that your site might drop down or can do better in the search results.

In case your site has been negatively affected –

The Reason your site got hit is not because there is something wrong with the page as these updates are about how the Google system assesses the content. In such cases Google has prescribed a list of questions that should be considered to recover your site between updates. Look closely at the basis on which your content is getting assessed and try to construct your content accordingly.

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