Instagram easily takes the leading position in being the most renowned social network worldwide with an average active monthly users of a whopping billion! Not only the users are the reason behind this legendary success but Instagram easily takes the leading position in being the most renowned social network worldwide with an average active monthly users of a whopping billion. Not only the users are the reason behind this legendary success but also the customer services, sales and widely successful campaigns that took place over the platform are, which made it not just user friendly but also a business friendly platform. Unique tools that can be embedded into the application shapes the application into a dynamic one, one such tool is Instagram Chatbot, that now allows small businesses and brands to win and attract more customers effectively and efficiently while keeping the already existing ones engaged. These bots are software programs made for the purpose of replicating conversations to provide solutions to human inquiries by giving automated replies using AI. These chatbots can not only answer questions and make recommendations but can also refer the customer to a human if they are unable to provide an appropriate solution.

Functionality of an Instagram chatbot-

Chatbots function on an easy approach: Conversion action takes place in your current marketing funnel by the client, be it a text in your DM, leaving a comment, following you and thereafter, the bot replies according to the pre-prepared scenario.

Chatbots are capable of doing the following:

1) Giving instant and accurate replies to the DMs.

2) Lead collection such as email addresses and contact numbers.

3) Order placement through DMs and send the details to the CRM system.

4) Conduction of giveaways.

5) Registration of followers for events and workshops.

6) Make the sales funnel. 

7) Run Instagram ads that send customers to DM.

Benefits of using Instagram Chatbot for your business:

The Instagram population is highly interested in shopping. Stories, posts and advertisements can draw potential customers in public but chatbots can help convert their interest into sales in private. Following are a few ways Instagram chatbots can prove helpful for your business-

  • Automate Lead Generation and sale – Chatbots provide worthy results from the very beginning. Instead of making the process time consuming by asking for a client’s email address, mailing them and waiting for a reply, you can just employ the chatbot tools to take over the task of preliminary communication. Personalized product recommendation contributes to increased conversion rates of a brand.  
  • Answer messages in various languages – 80% of shoppers prefer making the purchase when they get a personalized e-commerce retail experience and that’s exactly what a chatbot does by communicating to the customer in their language. There are two ways you can set up a multilingual chatbot, if you yourself have made the chatbot, translating the answers can become the most feasible option for you. Or to get the job done more conveniently you can use platforms that have a built-in chatbot in their system.
  • Build a good reputation for your brand – Ghosting is liked by none, leaving customers waiting for a reply creates a bad image of your brand, and Instagram chatbot takes ultimate care that a message in your inbox gets properly taken care of. Recommendations that chatbots can provide using the stored information about the customer makes the overall experience even better.
  • Provide fast and accurate responses – Giving a response that is fast, accurate and within the boundaries of work language is not always possible. Chatbots are available for the customers throughout day and night because of which questions can be answered immediately making it less time consuming for both sides.


Instagram chatbot is super to set up:

  1. Register yourself on the website to create an account
  2. Connect the chatbot program to your Instagram page
  3. After integration of the two accounts, go to the b launcher and turn on Instagram chatbots.
  4. Modify the readymade templates to personalize them according to your requirements.
  5. Once everything is in place the last step is to activate your Instagram chatbot with one click


You cannot keep doing the same action to transform you Instagram Profile, this means different types of Chatbots are required for different purposes. Let’s have a look at the most popular Instagram Chatbots:

  1. Instagram story bot responder – When people react to your stories they often go unnoticed in your inbox. Story responder bot replies to the reaction using the options that you have previously selected during the set up process.
  2. Instagram DM bots (for repetitive questions) – It is humanly impossible to provide good customer service 24/7 a day. Here Chatbots take charge, have multiple one-on-one and real time chats while you are not present.
  3. Order placement directly via DM – Chatbots can do more than you can imagine, they can take orders from the customers while having a DM conversation, increasing your efficiency and speeding up the purchase.
  4. Send product recommendations- Sending personalized recommendations is a real boost in customer experience without costing the time of the customer service team. Predefined data such as phrases, words and questions recognize which recommendations are to be given to the customers.

 Mc Donald Case Study

The most successful and creative use of Instagram Chatbot was when McDonald’s Hong Kong used the chatbot to the best of its abilities. The goal of this chatbot campaign was to distribute 100,000 NEW LUNCHEON Meat McMuffin with Egg via Instagram. Participants were required to follow the Instagram account and leave a comment saying “I’m a Green Lover” under its Instagram post. Later, the chatbot delivered each participant with a unique QR code to redeem their McMuffin at the nearest outlet. The campaign did marvelously good, with around 122,000 comments and 173,000 engagements on Instagram.

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