Snapchat Lenses or what we also know as Snapchat filters have always been a favorite selfie camera for everyone. Snapchat were the pioneers in bringing filters to the selfie camera to your phone with its facial recognition technology and it’s been one of the major success feature for the image sharing app.

Snapchat filter

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The recent major drop in Snapchat’s daily users which went to around 3 million between April and June was a big game changer in Snapchat’s business. All of this happened because of its layout updates which combined stories in the chat section, but as soon as they realized their mistake, they have been trying to update their platform, so that it can get it’s essence back.

One such recent update was to its facial recognition technology; up until last year you could apply filters on yourself, people around you, some breeds of dogs and also to objects like food and sports equipments, but now you can use it to apply filter to your cats as well. The recently updated Snap Filters can recognize your cats and can help you apply these filters, on them after as they are hilarious and uniquely shareable!
All these changes are in lieu of the recent drop in number of its users, however, only time will tell if Snapchat will be able to get it’s users back on the platform.

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