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Content Calendar Templates are a valuable tool for planning and execution of content marketing strategies in an effective manner. It allows marketers to organize their content in advance and track the progress after uploading the content. Along with the two benefits, it enables marketers to identify gaps and measure the performance against specific or predetermined goals. The templates ensure that the content is posted at the right time and at the right place. The aim is to scale your content production with the help of these tools.

Content Calendar Templates are simply time management systems used for the organization of workflow. Organized workflow helps in the creation of high-quality content at the right time. The templates let you view a bigger picture so that you can go ahead and plan out ahead of schedule. 

Google Sheets, Excel, and other project management software are generally used by managers but they are quite challenging to use. As marketers are constantly looking for tools to give them a competitive edge, tools require easy usage. With 2023 around the corner, selection for the right content calendar template is more important than ever. Below is a list comprising of top templates you can pick from, for 2023–


CoSchedule is best for businesses whose focus is on blog content. It offers three free content calendar templates: email marketing calendar template, content calendar template, social media marketing template. 

The content calendar template is on the simplistic side but the other two templates are detailed and modified.  

Airtable –

Airtable contains the automation to remind you of certain posts. It has the ability to handle multiple fields of data without the use of formulas. You can create customized fields for easy assignment of blog posts. You can also have a grid, kanban and calendar view. 

HubSpot –

HubSpot offers a free downloadable social media content calendar. It includes the following: spreadsheet for scheduling, monthly updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn updates. 

The tool allows you to add different types of content and immensely contributes to content planning. The benefit is that you don’t have to start content creation from scratch and look for similar content pieces via spreadsheets available.

Trello –

Trello is one of the most popular tools for content and project management. The tool is ideal for massive teams as you can easily include due dates and add comments. This feature allows marketers to have their team on the same page.

You can also assign tasks to a specific team member using boards and cards. Also, you can send a list of steps for the completion of an individual project. Most important feature is that you can check the progress of all the team members. This will ensure that the campaign is on track. 

Loomly –

Loomly is fit for serving the purpose of social media managers. The tool can extract data from RSS feeds and present up to 90 post ideas and automatically create draft posts. It can easily help overcome writer’s block.

ContentCal –

ContentCal heavily focuses on planning and scheduling content. Its calendar tops the charts considering the posts are placed in big formats. Big formats result in the ease of reading captions and clear view of images. 

On the website, a content calendar template is offered as a lead magnet. After downloading the template, questions are asked and thereafter your template is generated. The unique feature is that it asks you to identify the content goals for the whole year and then it works accordingly. 

Backlinko –

Backlinko provides you a free content calendar template with the option to either open as Google Sheet or download as Microsoft Excel document. The tool is good for individuals starting a brand or teams wanting to increase their present efforts. 

The download comes along with a content list and a monthly calendar template. The monthly calendar template is basic but the content list is pretty thorough and detailed.

These are just a few of the top content calendar templates you should consider using in 2023. Whichever template you choose, make sure it meets your needs and can help you create an effective content strategy.

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