In a single line, TikTok SEO is the optimization of videos for better search ranking. It is similar to using keywords and analytics for optimization of website content. The only difference is, you use tactics for TikTok videos optimization to rank higher on TikTok and on Google. As per Google’s internal research, 40% of young people visit straight to TikTok instead of Google Maps or Search. Previously, social media posts were not indexed by Google, but now they do show up in the SERPs.

Here, the big question arises, 

Is TikTok SEO worth investing in?  

TikTok is becoming more like a search engine for Gen-Z according to the Senior VP of Google. Also, TikTok is making investments to maximize users’ habits with features like suggested searches. The platform recently added a new expansion in the video description from 300 to 2,200 characters. The key idea is to improve the searchable factor of video content and deliver it to the interested users. 

TikTok SEO is a big contributor in increased visibility of your content, boost in your engagement and wider audience reach. It can help you drive more targeted traffic towards your videos and skyrockets the chances of it going viral. It is an ultimate tactic for receiving visibility and boosting engagement. 

Difference between TikTok SEO and traditional SEO–

  • Videos are optimized in TikTok SEO and not text based content.
  • Discovery method is different, TikTok SEO uses hashtags whereas traditional SEO uses keywords.
  • On TikTok ,engagement is the measure of success but the traditional SEO focuses more on ranking. 

TikTok’s criteria for ranking content–

TikTok has shared a clear guidelines of the criteria they use for ranking content. 

  • User Interactions: If the video has loads of engagement and relevance, it will get recommended to users. Engagement here means number of likes, shares, comments etc. 
  • Information in the video: This information means captions, sounds and hashtags that impact what you serve to the users. The text on your video should reflect the type of content you are creating. 
  • Device and account settings: These are general settings including your preferred language, country settings and device type. 

TikTok SEO presents itself as a huge opportunity for marketers because of many reasons. Firstly, the TikTok search engine is way less saturated than that of Google’s. Secondly, TikTok’s competition is still in its initial stage, meaning early actions can result in getting a faster pace against competition for marketers.

A factor marketers have to keep an eye on is the “value” of a ranked video. This will help in the re-evaluation and re-generation of content strategy according to the present relevance.   

TikTok has generated the power to drive sales with creator and influencer content using organic, paid ads and now SEO. Hyper-visual industries such as travel and beauty are more likely to get impacted by the keyword competition. 

The answer to the question is, Yes! TikTok SEO is indeed worth investing in for the clear reasons stated above.  

Now the next question is, How to do TikTok SEO in 5 easy and hassle free steps?

Begin with the Audience –

Understanding your audience by answering simple questions like who they are and what they’re looking for will help a lot. This information helps in the creation of audience focused content that is relevant. 

Look at the kind of videos your audience is consuming and engaging in. And, don’t ignore the messages and comments they’re sending you.

Keyword Research –

Keywords are a huge part of traditional SEO which makes it obvious that it is also important for TikTok SEO. Search for the keywords that the target audience is using to access similar content. 

Adding keywords –

After a thorough search for keywords, start using them. Add them to your content titles, captions, descriptions and hashtags. Also remember, that TikTok prioritizes spoken words more than written ones.

Add TikTok to a microblog – 

This step will combine both traditional and TikTok SEO. Create a microblog and discuss the TikTok video along with a related topic. Make sure that you add the main keywords in the title or in subheadings.  

Tracking the progress –

Continuous monitoring and tweaking will help your TikTok content stay relevant and fresh. It is also the best way to know if the strategy is working or not. The insights are clear and straight, meaning the identification of pain points is very easy. 

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