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Quora is a social website for asking and answering questions. Every piece of information on the platform is generated by Quora’s users. Quora is basically for the people, by the people because of the freedom it gives to its users. It is a place where you can gain knowledge as well as share your own. 

Quora users also include your potential customers. They are asking questions about you, your products or services and they are looking for answers. You do not want to miss this opportunity to engage your prospective customers and communicate with them. Quora is a platform where your customers are genuinely looking for answers unlike other platforms. Gaining information is the sole purpose of Quora users.

Benefits of using Quora for your marketing are-
  1. Quora gives you an exceptional reach to your customers with over 300 million monthly active users.
  2. It offers 4x more conversions as your customers use Quora with the mindset of seeking solutions. 
  3. Helps your search visibility.Also answers often have a high ranking in Google searches, which helps your visibility and brand awareness.
Quora Ads for Marketers-   

Quora enables advertisers to target particular topics and questions which is also known as contextual targeting. Making your ads on Quora is super easy and convenient. All you need is an objective, two lines of text, a landing page and Voila! you have it, your very own campaign.

Targeting Options Available:

To make it much more clear, Quora offers four types of targeting options through its ads. Those are audience targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting and broad targeting along with a few secondary targeting layers. 

Cost of Quora Ads:

On Quora, ads cost on a CPC basis and there are different factors that are kept in mind while pricing for the same. These factors include CPC bid and the probability of a user clicking on your ad. 

Quora also gives its advertisers the ability to set campaign budgets to pace spends. Hence, giving you full control of future adjustments in spend and how much you spend 

  • New Video Ads-

Quora has now come up with video ads to boost your clickthrough rate. The main aim is to give advertisers a better medium to tell their brand story through Quora. Video ads will use a horizontal format along with a banner and can range from 6-30 seconds. 

  • Text Ads-

Text ads appear on the Q&A pages, Quora newsletters,Topic and home feed. They follow the classic question and answer pattern of Quora.

There are two things you must remember – Keep the headline within 65 characters and the body text within 105 characters. 

  • Image Ads-

Image ads are a good way to stand out among the crowd as it is different from the usual pattern. To make the image ads suitable for feeds Quora converts them into text ads as well.

Do keep in mind to check the image format that Quora approves.  

  • Promoted Answers-

Promoted answers increase the reach of your answers. These answers are marked as ‘promoted by’ and people can upvote, downvote, share and comment on these answers. 

Also, keep these answers below 250 characters and according to the Quora content policies

Quora does come with its own benefits and is likely to give you positive results. It will let your brand gain more engagement and exposure to what people really think of your brand. The platform is also great to get the reviews of your customers and to make improvements.

Lastly, Quora can give you a voice of your own and a platform to present your brand through your perspective.

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