With the impeccable growth of social media, it is needless to say digital campaigns do give very good results. One such form of campaign is Influencer marketing or influencer campaign.

Influencer campaigns are a form of social media marketing to promote your e-commerce brand and its products. This type of campaign involves working in-collaboration with bloggers and influencers. The aim is to influence the decisions of the potential customers with the power that influencers hold and hence, drive conversions. 

Influencer campaigns are one of the go-to marketing tactics of every digital marketer. Word-of-mouth is simply the reason why influencer marketing is so impactful. 61% of consumers trust what their favorite influencers are recommending and therefore they trust your brand. Also, according to statistics word-of-mouth results in $6 trillion annual global spend. 

Online creators have a huge niche following that your brand can leverage. These influencers provide you with a new audience and indeed an engaged one. Currently, Instagram is the most preferred by marketers for the campaigns, with YouTube ranking at the second place.

What does Influencer marketing exactly help your brand with?

  • Brand awareness through increased visibility
  • Targeting the correct audience
  • Helps in boosting credibility and trust
  • Redefined content strategy
  • Better audience engagement 
  • Higher search engine ranking
  • Increased conversions
Critical factors to keep in mind while planning an Influencer campaign-
  • The aim is to build strong long term relationships-

Long term collaboration reap highly successful results. This will help your brand and social media influencer to build a community that understands their brand values and content. 

  • Combination of social media platforms-

Relying on one platform is like setting yourself up for failure. Instead make use of all the platforms that are relevant to your brand, your product and your budget. 

Before selecting a few, research on the scope of every single platform you are thinking of selecting.

  • Find the correct influencers-

To find the right influencer for your influencer campaign, simply shortlist the influencers based on metrics. A few metrics that you can use are: niche, influencer location, gender, influencer follower range and many more. You can also use the above metrics to shortlist your audience as well.

  • Number of followers are not always everything-

Every influencer represents a different audience. Number of followers is not always enough to tell you how deeply they are influenced by the creator. Rather, check the quality of followers they have.

You can certainly think about collaborating with nano and micro influencers as they tend to generate more engagement and ROI in influencer campaigns. 

  • Work along with Influencers-

For quality content it is necessary to take influencers along in this journey of designing a campaign. They can guide you about your target audience, help you shape a more engaging strategy.

They can also help you produce quality content as they communicate with their followers on a regular basis. Curate content together and come up with something educational, entertaining and inspiring.

  • Measure your Influencer strategy-

Ultimately, the goal is the fulfillment of your objectives you determined at the beginning. Compare the results with your objective and make necessary improvements. And if results come out really disappointing, then it is time to make a fresh new campaign. 

  • Content and opportunity audit-

This process is to understand your audience, your competitors, your motivation. Do remember to carry this process out at a beginning stage to remove future hurdles. Also, actively listen to your influencer to know your audience very well. 

Influencer marketing combines both the old and new marketing tools. It takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and shapes it according to the modern-day marketing campaigns. 

 What 2023 holds for Influencer marketing-

  • Live shopping has become popular over the years and will continue to serve the strongest results in 2023. A report also suggested that sales through live streaming will touch the $500 billion mark by next year.

  • It is proven that micro-influencer have a higher engagement rate. This will give brands to work with influencers who are deeply connected with their audience, on a limited budget.

  • With influencers already carving niches for themselves, they will get even more specialized in niches and industry.

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