Microsoft’s search engine Bing made it easier for marketers to campaign on the search engine.

Bing just launched a feature which will let advertisers to create a series of insertion orders, that will automatically renew based on a set frequency or timeframe for each campaign.

Bing asks the advertisers to have insertion orders which have supposed to be renewed after a period of time, to continue showing their ads; but with the new Recurring Insertion Order feature, they just need to have a timetable (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly) depending on their timeframe or campaign type.

Here’s how to create a Recurring Insertion Order on the platform:

  • Navigate to the Accounts & Billing page
  • Click on the “Insertion Orders” tab
  • Click on “Create order”
  • Select “Create a recurring insertion order”
  • Choose a name for the recurring IO
  • Select a frequency or timeframe (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • Select an end date (or have the series end after a number of occurrences

This new feature by Bing is going to give advertisers the flexibility to edit just one IO or the entire series, as it is meeting the needs of advertisers that no other search advertising product is currently able to fulfill.


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