Thursday, June 1

Facebook acquired instant messaging service WhatsApp, recently announced that the status option in WhatsApp will now start showing advertisement to users.

WhatsApp status which was launched last year, has a similar feature as Facebook and Instagram, to show stories which are available to contacts to be viewed for 24 hours. The feature was an instant hit on the messaging service, as it has a user base of around 1.5 billion people across the world.

WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook, saw most of its acquired companies losing their founders and co-founders, WhatsApp too lost its co-founders amid user privacy issue with Mark Zuckerberg. One of them, Brian Acton, told Forbes recently that Zuckerberg was in a rush to make money from the messaging service and undermine elements of its encryption technology.

WhatsApp will start showing ads in the stories, to help businesses reach a wider audience through its wide database. The app will shows ads powered by Facebook’s advertising system and help users to engage with ads to understand and participate with businesses through the app. WhatsApp dropped its subscription fee way back in 2016 and still claimed that the application will remain ad-free.

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