A press release is made to announce an event, service, product or other happening through a compelling news story. These releases are made on demand to journalists by your small business. Press releases are compact and shorter than usual news stories. As press releases undergo a much more intense scrutiny than other content, it is preferred by 63% of global respondents

At this point, certain valid questions arise, like:

When will you create a press release?

The press releases are made for an important purpose such as promoting something significant and specific. A few situations in which you should make a press release are-

  • An announcement about your business which is newsworthy
  • An event, to spread the word around
  • To boost brand awareness
  • To build an everlasting relationship with the media 

What are the benefits of a press release?


  • Helps in your brand growth-


A press release works in a very specific way to help your small business grow. It gives you the power to take hold of your narrative and control it. You can tell the story of your small business to your customers in the compelling way you want. 

Also, a press release is a great option if you want more traffic on your site.


  • Improvement in business’s search engine optimization-


You cannot miss any chance which will help you improve your online presence. In your press release you can add SEO keywords if in case your press release turns into an article. 

You can also use the press release for your website as original content.

  • Establishment of media relations-

A quality press release will help you build media relations by leaving a good impression on media contacts. These relations are good for future business growth and developments.  

With three strong benefits of a press release, it is needed that you craft a good one. You can also consider the following tips to write a good and publishable press release:


  • Make it journalist friendly-


Journalists are busy, they do not care about your business but your press release. Therefore, tailor it in such a way that its components should match with the interest of journalists. Now use these areas of interest to put together a compelling story.

Your press release should contain answers to all the basic questions – who, what, when, where and why. To impress the journalist, write in the inverted pyramid style and stick to facts and figures. 


  • Work on an attention grabbing, killer headline-


Tabloids are so popular because of their ability to grab attention instantly with just the headline. Saying this, you don’t have to make a shocking claim or write a headline that will leave people shocked. Simply, you need something that will effectively capture their attention.

Try to write keeping in mind the goal of the journalist, i.e., the benefit of their readership.

After the headline, work on a strong opening paragraph and make the paragraph to the point. 


  • Be concise-


Keep your press release clear, to-the-point and brief to make a journalist’s life easier. You are saving their time and efforts by giving them a pre-written story. Think from their point of view and then write a press release like a journalist.

An ideal press release is just a single page long. 


  • Include real quotes from real people-


It is important to include quotes that speak the language of your customers. These statements should connect on a personal and emotional level. This single quote can drive reporters to want you more. 

By adding a quote, your press release will get a more human angle.


  • Quality over quantity-


With a press release it is better to keep your readership limited to a specific audience. Your goal is to make a positive impact not to gain more readers. 

Frame your article around the interests of your targeted reader audience. Include the information they want to hold their attention longer.


  • Avoid grammatical and spelling errors-


You want your press release free of grammatical and spelling errors. Proof read it before sending and clean up all the mistakes. A copy with mistakes is the fastest way to turn off a journalist.

The best time to send your press release is between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Early mornings may seem like the most suitable time to send your press release but opening rates drop significantly. Don’t write the easy ignorable press releases, write the ones that are engaging and get the attention that it deserves. Press releases are growth driven, they will help you reach investors and other audiences. It will help you break your boundaries of typical marketing channels and venture into the world of PR. Lastly, Do not underestimate the power of a well-tailored press release.

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