A video testimonial is an expression of a positive customer experience in a video format. The format requires them to appear on video and talk about their experience with the product or service. This experience can include the problem that was solved, how it was solved and what impact it had on their life.

The opinion of third-party is highly efficient for boosting future sales and converting your prospective customer. As video testimonials tend to have a deep impact on others’ decisions. There are a few other reasons as to why video testimonials hold so much power:

  • Give your brand an emotional appeal
  • Video testimonials help in boosting conversion rates
  • Acts as a social proof and therefore influences customer decision
  • Authentic story from your customers is a game changer 

Along with the above reasons, video testimonials are beneficial in many other ways:

Building connections:



By hearing someone talk about the same issues and their solution ignites a sense of connection. Connection, with the person speaking in the video and hence with the brand it is associated with.

Your aim is to create a bank that stores testimonials that are helpful to different customer personas. The more different and individual stories you will capture through video testimonials, the more customer connections you will have. 


Achieving customer trust:


Authentic video testimonials are not perfect, they are meant to have moments where the words used are not exact. These moments make them believable and trustworthy. This is how your prospective customer gets the surety that the video is not scripted. 

Also, in comparison with written testimonials, it turned out that video testimonials are much more believable. 


High engagement rate:


Videos are the right option for you if you want to stand out among the sea of other formats. A video testimonial is much harder to scroll without engagement.

You can use editing tools to get the best from your video testimonials.


They’re shareable:


You can use video testimonials on a number of different platforms and in multiple ways. This can include- 

  • Posting the video testimonial as an engaging social media post.
  • Using it as a welcome addition to your webpage
  • Using the testimonial in email marketing

Remember, while sharing these testimonials, to incorporate your brand logo, colors etc.

But what about the most important part, that is, how do you get these video testimonials? There are couple of ways you can try doing that-


Ask your customers


You can ask your customers personally to give their video testimonial through email or by giving them a call.

It depends from person to person how comfortable they are with recording themselves. Therefore ask them if they are fine with giving a video testimonial in the email. 

If you want to try a different email format, try sending them a video email.


Offer to interview customers


Not everybody is great at recording themselves or is willing to get into the fuss of the recording process. You can ask them if they are willing to give an interview. This way the whole process of getting a video testimonial will become more natural and comfortable for them.


Offer them something in return


Your customers will often question “what’s in it for me?” when asked for a video testimonial. Certainly there are customers who are genuinely happy to take the time out of their busy schedules. For the customers belonging in the first category, offer them discounts and rewards they can use the next time. Use incentives to get their video testimonial.


Show them the value of video testimonials


Answer the first question that might occur in their mind, Why are you asking for video testimonials? To answer, let them know the benefits of the video testimonials and how important they are for your brand.

Believe it or not, video is the king of social media. The consumption of video content is at its height and its benefits are endless. Moreover, people want to see the testimonials through the video format in the future. Their loyalty lies with the video testimonials they can tie their trust to. 77% of the prospective customers state that they were motivated to make the purchase after watching a video testimonial. The numbers speak the truth and so do video testimonials for your prospective customers. 

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