Why YouTube Audio Ads?

YouTube audio ads provide advertisers an outlet to engage music and podcast listeners. eMarketer discovered that consumers spend more time listening to music than any other digital streaming publisher. Listen first experience is preferred by many users and that is exactly why YouTube is working to help support users. 

Having audio playing in the background while doing something else is also a scientifically proven way to improve concentration. It was also noted that users from the age group of 18-34 are the audience of YouTube Audio Ads, which is about 63%.

If your goal is brand awareness among this audience then testing YouTube audio ads is worth it. Reaching out to the users who are listening resulted in 81% increase in brand awareness through the campaigns.

What are the features of YouTube Audio Ads?

Audio ads have the ability to run with both music and non-music content. Most commonly, people are listening to music and content well-optimized for listening like The Daily podcast.

The format of audio ads are up to 30 seconds along with CPM (Cost per Mille, mille meaning thousands) bidding. Audio ads also contain the visual part, in case users come back to the screen. To witness audio ads you can visit YouTube.com and YouTube Music on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 

With built-in YouTube audience comes Google Video partners (GVP). GVP lets you access diverse and quality content across sports, podcasts and streaming music via Google’s network of Audio publishers. The goal of GVP shapes itself according to your campaign goals, serves your audio assets on high-traffic and brand safe platforms like TuneIn, iHeartRadio etc. 

YouTube also recommends a few creative tips as the ads will not show up actively in a user’s experience: 

  • Use a branded, continuous image with a clear CTA in the middle of the screen
  • The dimensions of this audio asset is 16.9 aspect ratio, same as YouTube videos.
  • Convert file into mp4 after uploading the audio file in your asset creation tool. This will allow you to upload into YouTube.

As per observations till now, YouTube audio ads can provide 20% more reach with the same budget. This is great news for your advertising budget and for the advertisers as well.

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