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After grabbing the attention of your customers in your top and middle of funnel marketing, bottom funnel marketing enters. It is the last stage of the marketing funnel and an important one. At this stage the deal is closed by: 

  1. Nurturing the decision making process. 
  2. Convincing buyers that you are the best option available in the market.

The group of your potential customers is smaller than in the top of the funnel. The number does not matter as they are significantly qualified to become your customers. The journey started with awareness, interest and consideration and at this stage will end ideally with purchase. To summarize, it is using tools and providing content that will ultimately convert the hot prospects. To do so, you should be problem-aware, solution-focused and available.  


  • Case Studies:


Use the case studies which will support the final nurturing and persuading of the potential customers. For example, you can feature how other companies are using your products and services to let your prospects draw out comparisons.


  • Detailed Product Comparisons:


In the earlier stages, you highlight the negatives of your competition. But in the last stage you will highlight your product details or service comparisons. Ensure that you don’t make your page too negative and focus on what makes your brand, products and services great. 


  • Promo Codes and Special Discounts:


Promo codes and special discounts push customers to make faster decisions. Moreover, it acts as an incentive to encourage them at this final stage. Saving money is one thing that no matter what customers look forward to. 

And if the product is satisfactory then you can bring them back at full price later.


  • A Powerful Pricing Page:


Your pricing page is quite impactful when it comes to conversion. It allows your audience to see what they are getting for the amount they are paying. 

Make it easy to understand and disclose the truth about the pricing. Your pricing page should also contain a clear CTA. 


  • Blog Posts:


Blog posts are excellent to convey the product features and answer the related questions. One thing to make your content highly relevant is to create your posts for particular buyer personas. To distribute this content use social media, email, user communities or your CRM. 


  • Provide testimonials:


Towards the end of the funnel, consumers are often facing a hard decision that they have to make. This decision is the choice whether or not to make the purchase. Making the purchase is a commitment that a consumer has to make by paying money for it.  

Testimonials make it easy for your consumers to make this commitment. It builds your credibility among your prospective customers.

Bottom of the funnel is the last chance you get to make and leave an impression on your customers. The fight is tight and heated against your competitors so making the right move is important. Also remember, If at this last stage you are unsuccessful to convert then your earlier efforts amount to nothing.

Create a strong content foundation, use marketing tactics and make it happen!

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