Customer testimonials are recommendations from a current or former customer. In the testimonial the customer describes his experience with the product or services. This experience will include ratings about the performance, quality, value and benefits of the product/ services. The central purpose of a good customer testimonial is to provide potential customers with essential insights. To help them form decisions after thoroughly understanding all the aspects from another customer’s perspective. 

Customers today have instant access to all sorts of information and that too only a click away. With so much available, testimonials have become the most reliable form of proof. 92% of customers read online reviews  and testimonials before making the final purchase decision. Among them, 56% find customer testimonials the most helpful.

Customer testimonials are a fool-proof tactic that marketers love using. 

A good testimonial shows your credibility and the value of your product or services and boost your conversion rate. It holds the power to stop customers from abandoning their carts and changing their decisions.

Customer testimonials include reviews on your website, short videos, press reviews, reviews on social media and case studies. 

Tips to get customer testimonials

  • Use Surveys-

Survey’s will help you get you detailed and specific outlook that your customers have. Create survey forms and share immediately after the service is made. Immediate action is necessary or your customers won’t bother to voice their opinion.

  • Search through Social Media-

Social media has now become every customers go to place to appreciate or vent out about your brand. Visit Facebook and Twitter and look out for your brand name. Like so, search on multiple social media platforms and understand your customers’ opinion. 

  • Use customer quotes shared via Email-

Email testimonials are precious because they are rare. It directly represents that your product or service was worthy enough their time they took out to pen their opinion.

  • Reviews on local search directories-

Many local search directories exist where you customers can write a review about your services or products. The more customers are writing reviews on these platforms, the better it is for your brand.

To use these reviews on your website, simple opt for a review tool like Atlas. It will let you integrate reviews from all over the internet on your website. Atlas is fully customizable, allowing you to blend it in with the already existing color scheme. It is easy to use and very affordable.

  • Free packages to internet influencers-

Proving free packages to the bloggers/ social media influencers will help you gain honest reviews. The reviews given will be read by their followers and will help you boost your sales and brand image. 

  • Video reviews-

A video review is much more preferred by your potential customers. Ask and encourage your customers to make video reviews. Share the link with your customers through email. Make the process of reaching to the review page and video creation as easy as possible.


Your prospective customers want to listen the opinion of your present customers. The perspective of their fellow customers instills more trust in your product/ services. It is also an awesome way to efficiently create a good, more trustworthy brand image with an effortless edge. A solid testimonial page will surely increase sales and conversion. 

If you think collecting customer testimonials is tough, remember you do not have to start from scratch. Use the reviews that are already available on the internet and present them in a compelling way on your site.

Also, always have an open eye for any reviews existing elsewhere on the internet that you might have missed.

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