In the world of social media,TikToks off the charts success is impossible to ignore. There’s reportedly an increase of 45% in the active monthly users from the previous year. The fact that the platform is attracting a lot of attention from digital marketers comes as no surprise. With its colossal user base and unique design marketers are hoping to tap on to the potential TikTok holds.

Backup of the platform by consumer research and presence of smart targeting options are a few reasons why TikTok should be used for ads.  TikTok is still relatively a new platform for ads but it surely is delivering outstanding results for e-commerce advertisers. Ahead of this year’s busy holiday shopping season, TikTok has announced three new features. These features will allow advertisers to diversify the ways they can use the platform. Following are the announced features:


TikTok basically believes that based on the shoppers intention to purchase, shopping Ads create a dynamic experience for customers. These ads will let brands showcase their shoppable videos to the users looking for such products. This will automatically create a landing page for advertised products, the ads will generate a score representing how likely a user is to purchase. For now, video shopping ads are in the testing  phase in the U.S. and U.K.


This feature can prove a simple and effective one. It will allow advertisers to promote their product catalogs across the shoppable surfaces such as “Recommended” or “Related Products”.Thus, the primary focus of this feature is to extend the product reach.

  • LIVE Shopping Ads

LIVE Shopping Ads aims at making the events taking place more reachable among the customers. It enable advertisers to direct users from the For You page to their event so they can join and make the purchase later on.

  • Invite influencers to shop with

TikTok has thrived significantly because of its strong community between the creators and their audiences. Brands should collaborate with the creators to produce holiday-oriented content instead of trying to do everything on their own. It will help close the gap between TikTok users and brands’ products.

Do Anti-Unboxing videos with influencers, show them wrapping up your product as a gift for someone for the holidays. Additionally, Choose the creators that are best fit for representing your product to generate an authentic experience.

TikTok is working towards building itself as a perfect solution for your advertising problems this holiday season. To use it for your business’s benefit, select the right formats and target relevant audiences. Smaller e-commerce businesses are achieving promising results with TikTok advertising and marketing opportunities and that too at an affordable rate! Lastly, as many like to believe, TikTok easily can become the emerging future of digital marketing.

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