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Newsletter marketing is a practice undertaken by businesses and companies to reach out to customers with information and product-focused content. Email is the preferred medium used for this form of marketing. Now, these newsletters are specifically sent to a subscribers list that includes both potential and existing customers. The motive of newsletter marketing is to gain brand exposure and to notify readers of interesting products. To utilize newsletter marketing it is necessary that the content contains certain essential elements like- 

  • Catchy and creative headline: A headline/ subject line grasps the attention of the reader. Make it enticing and content accurate for the reader.
  • Relevant: The information should interest the target audience. Publishment of these newsletters should take place at regular intervals.
  • Call-to-action: Your newsletter should have a strong action that you want the reader to perform.
  • Terms and Conditions: Your subscribers will want to know where their personal information is getting used. Therefore, add a link to your privacy policy to make them feel secure.

To help you throughout the process of newsletter creation, below we have listed all the steps you can follow:

Email newsletter strategy:

Start by defining your goals precisely, this will help make your path easier in the future. Better option is to have goals that support a larger marketing strategy. Start by asking yourself a few questions.

Web traffic generation, sales increase, brand exposure, creation of loyal followers etc. are the goals many businesses have.

Your subscribers don’t want promotional content, they want content that adds value. You can add value by offering discounts, how-to guides and providing links to gated content.

But doing so all the time won’t prove beneficial. So, sending a newsletter to improve your brand image from time-to-time is also a good step.

Choosing a Newsletter Software:

Yes, creating a newsletter is easy but softwares helps you deliver these newsletters. Your email deliverability depends on many factors and therefore softwares helps you with technical aspects. It increases the deliverability and you should look for certain elements before picking one.

Newsletter Email lists:

Your email list will contain your audience. But, the important part is your audience should have given their consent to receive your email. This can take place through sign-up forms. The aim is to help the deliverability rate of your emails.

Make sure you have regular clean-ups of your email list, an email marketing software can help you with this. 

Email Subscription Form on your Website:

One way to grow your contact list is through email subscription form on your website. This way your website will get utilized as well. A few qualities that your email subscription form should have are-

  • Clarity: Make your form compact and straight to the point
  • Simplify the process: Make the sign-up process as easy as possible. Ask for the information that is only necessary.
  • Double opt-in: To make sure that you only have people who want to receive your newsletter. The practice is good to improve your deliverability rate.
  • Welcome email: Sending a welcome email helps you leave a good impression on the subscribers. 
Placing the Sign-up Forms:

There are two things you need to keep in mind while placing the form. First, you need to prioritize the visibility of the form. Second, the form should not ruin the user experience and not act as an interruption. Let your audience interact with the website and then show them the newsletter form.

Filtering the Contact List:

To make your efforts more focused you can decide to whom you want to send the newsletter to. This can happen using an automation tool and selecting the option to leave out unengaged customers. Again, this will help your deliverability rate.

Test Emails: 

Before finalizing the campaign, test it out. Check if all the features display properly, check for typos and if the newsletter is working on mobile devices.

 Schedule and Send your Newsletter:

Select when you want your newsletter to reach your contact list. The right time is decided as per what your newsletter is about. To do so you can use tools Like – sendinblue

Track the Performance:

Review your newsletter to improve your marketing strategy. Metrics like click-through rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate and bounce rate are highly important to track your performance. Keeping the track will also help you understand what works best for your brand. 

Newsletter marketing is still an excellent way to engage your audience and expand your reach. However, you need to have them well designed and nicely executed. Your newsletter should have the ability to gain the reader’s focus. 

A good newsletter marketing strategy is an essential part of your email and overall marketing strategy. So, better make it worth the efforts and result-generating.

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