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An email marketing campaign is a set of individual emails sent with a defined purpose across a period of time. Emails are sent with a purpose or call-to-action (CTA). These purposes can include: sign up for a webinar, download a white paper or to make a purchase. Your CTA should align with your campaign goal and the email should contain focused content with a balanced subject line. 

With over 99% consumers preferring to get timely updates through emails, it still remains as a popular medium among marketers. A strong marketing strategy is necessary to have a successful email marketing campaign. It isn’t only about reaching 99% of consumers but about the many more benefits email marketing campaigns have:

  • Budget friendly campaigns
  • Creating targeted and personalized content
  • Staying in touch with the customers to know their feedback and experience
  • Helps in improving sales as the campaigns feature product and service.
  • Improve communication with your audience
  • More leads
  • Best for reaching right people at the right time
  • Owning the media unlike social media platforms

Email marketing is indeed easy, requires less planning and strategy formation is less time consuming. Planning the basic structure of an email marketing campaign requires you to follow certain steps. But after that designing the campaign in the most creative way totally depends on you. Below are a few tips that you can use to enhance your email marketing campaign:

Make your content conversational-



Try to keep the tone of your email content as conversational as possible. Your subscribers don’t want to read more emails with salesy messages. This will help in building genuinely strong relationships and increased engagement. 


Personalization of subject line and content-


Personalization will allow your subscribers to get the treatment like humans. You use subscriber data for making email subject lines, content that feels relevant and personal to the individual. 

You can mention recipients name in the subject line, add product recommendations based on their past activity.  

Select a relevant email list-



To make sure your emails are impactful you need to send them to the right people. The actions of these right people will bring about success.

But growing your email list will require effort. To do so you can use the following tips-

  • Use your website by adding a sign-up form 
  • Use social media to drive sign-ups


Send emails from a real person-


Use a sender name that is human, business emails often do not convert. Business emails are generally automated and sent to the whole list. The best way to go is to use the name of someone from your business.


Follow-up emails-


A single-email will not always work, you have to follow-up with them to convert them successfully. For following-up with the subscriber, it is best to use a tool. This way you won’t miss out on any.

Do not annoy your subscribers while trying to follow-up with them. Give space between these emails and stop when no response comes back after two-three emails.


Run an A/B test on your emails-


Testing your emails before sending them is a great way to make sure the best emails are sent out. With A/B testing you can test two different versions with a small audience. And the results will show which one performed better, thereafter you can use that version for the remaining email list. 


Design your email-


A good visual campaign can have an impact on your recipients. A few ways you can design visually appealing campaigns are –

  • By applying your brand, i.e., logo, brand colors and fonts for alignment with brand identity.
  • Add white space so that your email content does not look clumsy
  • Add images to remove the boring feel 
  • Make sure your emails work both on mobiles and desktops.

Now, to create a nice and successful email marketing campaign you can also use the tools available on the internet. These tools are highly supportive in fulfilling the email transactional needs of a business. A few of the best and most efficient ones are listed below-

Hubspot email marketing





The above mentioned tools offer multiple templates along with various must-have technical features. Such as A/B testing, segmented recipient list, product picking feature, read and unread rate of each recipient.

Email marketing can seem a bit old-school but it definitely is fool-proof. Emails are a medium that you completely own, you can dictate your recipient list and make the most out of your marketing efforts.

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