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Marketing on Social media requires time, energy, money and effort. With so many factors invested to build a strong social media presence, it is also important that these provide ROI. For small businesses social media is almost crucial to thrive in the market. The market itself is largely dictated by social media and utilizing social media requires thorough research. To do so social media metrics are evaluated and considered to form future strategies. 

Share high-quality and purposeful content as per the business goals that you have. Review the multiple platforms you are using to understand what content your consumers like to consume.

You need to connect your social media content to results and measure the progress you made toward your business’s goals. This is done by tracking the right KPIs

Some common social media marketing goals and the metrics to determine your ROI are: 

  • Brand Awareness- The metrics that will indicate an increase in your brand awareness is Reach and new followers. Engaging content will definitely get more shares and therefore more reach.
  • Customer Satisfaction- Customers love voicing their thoughts and opinions about the products and services. This is done by Mentions and Reviews
  • Gaining New Customers- Once after claiming your listing profile on Google, it will enable you to know how many people are checking out your business. Metrics you can use are Driving directions requests and Click-to-Calls
  • Brand Loyalty- Many believe that the ultimate count of brand loyalty is follower count, but unfortunately no. It is your Engagement Rate. Having many followers with poor engagement rate is of no use. 

To achieve your goals and to have a good ROI, avoid making these following mistakes:


  • Going without a plan:

    Having no social media marketing strategy is a recipe to disaster. It is an obvious initial step to take while trying to leverage your social media. Your social media is precious so treat it like one. 

    Start by deciding objectives, budget and a plan you can follow. This will make the path easier ahead. Also, think about the ways you want to measure your efforts. 


  • No pre-defined target Audience:

    Not everybody on social media is meant to fit your brand. Having a defined group of audience will let you focus your marketing efforts. Knowing who you want to connect through your social media will give great results.

  • Failed Engagement in Conversations:

    Post updates and content that are worth sharing. Take time to work on the relevance of your content that is engaging too. Think long and hard over your marketing approach if the results are still not what you desired. 


Do not also forget to engage back once your audience starts reacting to your updates. 


  • Ignoring Mentions:

    Stories are a really important and result driving part of your social media marketing plan. Do not ignore these mentions, you can reply by hosting giveaways, follow-up with a personalized message. 


No response to these story mentions is a big mistake that even the best businesses have made. 


  • Too Much self Promotion:

    We get it, you are good and you want your objectives achieved. But, too much self-promotion is not the way to do it. Truth to be told, it is just annoying and your user will grow a dislike for your brand. 

  • Not Tracking Metrics:

    As previously discussed, metrics will change your game. The insights will give you results that will help you plan for the future. You can also use a tracking analytics tool to understand KPIs and your performance. 

  • Thinking All Social Media Platforms are the Same:

    Every platform works differently and thinking that they don’t is a mistake you don’t want to make. Learn the language of each platform so you can have a successful communication with the users. Understanding what works on which platform will help you grab more opportunities. 

  • Deleting Comments and Mentions:

    Nobody wants negative comments but if they come your way, you need to deal with them. Now, dealing with them does not mean deleting them. Doing this for professional reasons is fine like removing racial slurs or abusive language. 

  • Using the same form of content all the time:

    A good social media policy is made up of multiple forms of content. Include videos, blogs, posts and images after following insights and your social media KPIs. 
  • Not Boosting the Right Post:

    The post that gets the highest engagement rate is the post you should boost. Use a marketing tool to help you do so with the right demographic filters. This way you will sell your products faster and grab more attention. 


Social media along with its common benefits is also great for getting information that is generally tough to get. The process of social engagement and posting regularly does take time to fall into place. Your industry does not matter to have a social media presence. It is simply worth doing as it makes sure you are getting seen and in touch with modern times. 

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