In today’s digital era, tech-savvy online users often block ad images using an array of blockers. In fact, some ISPs are notorious for blocking images. Needless to say, this is a colossal nightmare for email marketers, who often use images to drive the message home. Block images make your email campaigns appear unprofessional, if not downright shoddy.

Enter alt tags, the less celebrated hero of email marketing.

What’s An Alt Tag When It Comes to Email Marketing?

Often when the browser cannot show an image, an alternative coded text appears in its place. That coded text is what we call an alt tag. It’s more like the plan B. Of course, alt tags offer enormous benefits that include:

Why Alt Tags Important?

Backup Plan for Bad Connections: We’ve all experienced a slotting internet connection once (remember DSL?). When the connection is too slow, images usually don’t load. That is when alt tags come to the rescue, providing the user with the context of the image.

Failure of Email Client to Download Images: It happens; email clients sometimes don’t load images in your mail automatically. When that happens, alt tags get the message across to the receiver.

Don’t Miss Out: The primary purpose of ALT texts is to ensure that there are no missed opportunities.

How to Create an ALT Tag for Your Email Marketing

When creating ALT texts, you need to take care of the following aspects in the backend.

Shading: You can pick the shading that goes well with your company Pantone colors, foundation, and image topic. You can also select a wide range of hues that match the tone of your campaign.

Background Color: It offers a nice backdrop for your text. The background color should incorporate your company Pantone to increase your brand awareness. With background color, you can still project your feel, look, and brand even without the image.

Text-Align: Choose text alignment that keeps your ALT text aligned to your image. It can be centered, right-aligned, left-aligned or even justified.

Color: the color of your ALT text should contrast from the background color as well as keep the brand feel and look.

Font-Size: It’s a no-brainer to keep the font big enough. It should also be eye-catching and in tune with your industry standards.

It’s that easy to whip up an informative yet excellent looking ALT tag for your email marketing.

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