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TikTok is a video creating and sharing social media platform, launched back in 2016. As a company it aims to enable everyone to be a creator. Alongside encouraging the users to present and share their creativity, knowledge and precious life moments with the world. With 1 billion monthly active users, it stands as a competitor against social media giants like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

The huge success of TikTok is partly because of the business environment that it has. Marketing on TikTok is fairly easy because of the unique discovery algorithm. The algorithm gives every video an equal opportunity to go viral irrespective of your popularity on TikTok. This enables marketers to scale their social media presence rapidly and virtually experiment with their marketing strategies. TikTok’s main aim is to help you reach your target audience faster. With this, TikTok also helps in enhancing your brand identity and increasing your brand awareness. 

As TikTok is already used by many small businesses, how do they leverage the power of the platform? 

Posting Organic content

Organic content is the marketing content that your existing and potential customers can find naturally on the platform.

Original content is the most essential part of creating an organic content strategy on TikTok. Unique videos regarding your brand story, products and services will increase your engagement rate. You can post content with hacks, tips and tricks but do not forget to include your product. 

Shape and focus your content on your brand and products. Such content should make up a big chunk of your small business profile on TikTok.

Behind-the-scenes content

Your prospective and existing customers are interested in knowing what goes behind the actual product. By putting out such content your customers will feel included and develop a sense of inclusion in your brand. 

It is not necessary that you show the whole process in one video. You can divide different stages into different parts. Like the product creation process you can make one video and for a package you can make another.


It is another way to know what kind of content works for your customers. In the beginning stages of experimenting, ask your customers to “like for part two” or ask them in the comment section if they want a follow-up video. 

This way you will post content that is engaging as well as according to the preference of your customers.


TikTok supports various types of advertisements . These advertisements do require more investment but they sure deliver great results. A few of the advertisements are – TopView Ads and In-Feed ads.

Music and Audio trends 

The same video with different audios can give totally different ideas. Selecting the correct audio can increase the reach of your small business videos.

You can also hop on the trends and use the music and audios that are trending.

For higher engagement you can use the following tips

  • Learn about the trends that are prevalent among your target audience.
  • TikTok users prefer raw content, meaning content that does not have a commercial feel to it.
  • Do not miss out on the TikTok challenges, participate to increase engagement and visibility.

TikTok is comparatively new in the business world but it has potential. The advertisement opportunities are not endless but are enough to help your small business grow. TikTok is famous for the position it made for itself among the gen-z population. It can help you make your entrance among your gen-z audience easy and smooth.

TikTok is a valuable marketing platform. One of the main reasons is because of the high volume of audience it has for specific topics. This makes it a perfect social media channel for your small business.

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