From YouTube video to a tweet or Facebook post, viral content is social media marketing dynamite. It can boost your web traffic through the roof as well as bolster your brand visibility and awareness.

It’s an enigma every social marketer look to debunk: how can you make your content go viral? If you are looking to create pizzazz for your website or brand, keep reading for our 7 business tricks on how to make content viral.

1. Arouse Users’ Emotions

You want to create content that cajoles to your audience’s innermost and basest feelings. If you know what sets them off, you can take advantage of that to whip up shareable content. Think of joy – what makes your target audience happy. Do your homework in advance.

Other emotions you want to instill include anger, lust, surprise, anxiety, fear, and so forth.

2. Keep it Brief

It is no big secret today’s online users have a short attention span. That is why most viral content is short and to the point. For videos, target 30 seconds to a minute; anything longer will not do. Shareable blogs should also be short and easy to read, with lots of bullet points, subheadings, and anecdotes.

3. Keep it Genuine

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of shareable content, it’s best to make it genuine. Think of cat and dog videos; they are merely everyday events with a touch of fun. Always ensure that there’s an authentic feel.

4. Make it inspiring

What makes people share content? According to Marketo, any content that inspires can generate enough buzz to go viral. Here, think of inspirational images, quotes, and whatnot.

5. Lists Are Still King

When it comes to viral content, lists still rule. That is why list-based websites like have a knack for creating viral content, one after another. Lists are incredibly shareable and make the sharer appear smarter.

6. Try How-To Posts

How-to posts are known to go viral without much hassle. Why? These posts are often easy to read and straight to the point. As long as the headline is engaging enough, how-tos will get shared widely.

7. Be Funny

People are always attracted to amusing and entertaining content. Don’t be a bummer; create funny content and take your marketing to the next level.

There you are – 7 ways to get your content to go viral. It’s also important to do your research, use the word “love” in the headline, and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

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