Coming up with actionable Google AdWords strategies is no picnic. Recently, we’ve been working with a top-notch Google AdWords Strategist who has turned around our accounts. During our engagements, I have learned a few AdWords tricks and tips.

Read on to learn more about these useful tips from a Google AdWords Strategist.

1. Use Ad Extensions

You cannot go wrong with ad extensions; they allow you to add extra information that goes beyond the character limit. This way, you can add more substance to your ads. The Strategists recommend the following ad extensions:

  •  Call-Out Extension: it offers you a space to add value proposition text
  •  Location Extension: This nifty extension allows you to add your physical address to the ad for enhanced hyper-local marketing.
  • Call Extension: Gives users viewing from mobile platforms to instantly call you
  • Site-links Extension: with this extension, you can forget about the frustration of adding more links to your ads. You can more landing pages for all your products and services

2. Structured Snippets

Also an ad extension, a structured snippet allows you to add more lines of words to enhance depth of your campaign. Although you are restricted to fixed categories, most snippets will allow up 10 more items. By adding more fabulous info, you can make your ad more alluring. It’s beneficial if you offer a wide range of products or services.

3. Price Extensions

Price extension can come in handy if you have a promotion or sale. It simply allows you to select if the (said) price is fixed or general. A price extension can make your ad stand out. From the price extension, you can choose the type, brand, neighborhood, product tiers, and so forth. Also, the currency, description, units, and landing page can be chosen easily.

4. Track Your Phone Calls Conversions

You can take a few more steps to track your calls if you’re using a call extension. It’s a fantastic way to track your ad’s performance metrics especially if you are not a fan of Google Analytics. This way, you can now the impact of your ads without spending too much money.

5. Take advantage of Bid Strategies

The big strategies founded under shared libraries include Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, Maximize Clicks, Target Page Search Location, and much more. You can take advantage of Target Page Search Location to optimize your ads to appear on the top of the first search results page.

6. Use 3 Variations of your Ad Copy

Use two or three variations of your ad copy. The one that gets most traction will automatically appear more frequently.

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