AI is no longer a buzzword making rounds in the tech industry and business world – it’s a reality. From asking Alexa to play your favorite tune to managing transit lines, Artificial Intelligence is already playing a pivotal role in our everyday lives. And adoption of AI-based solutions is poised to explode in the few years.

The AI market is expected to burgeon to $153 billion by the year 2020, according to Merrill Lynch, the investment and consulting arm of Bank of America. The allure of AI lies behind the massive adoption of natural language processing and machine learning technologies in advertising, marketing, media, finance, healthcare, and retail industries.

No matter how you look at it, experts and companies everywhere are betting big on the success of AI technologies – and sales are at the forefront. As machine learning technologies and solutions take center-stage, B2B businesses can utilize AI to generate more leads and increase their sales.

Which begs the question: how can B2B companies take advantage of AI to spruce up sales?

1. Increased Productivity

AI is slated to solve a long-standing problem for B2B: motivation. Lack of motivation costs companies billions of dollars in sales and productivity each year. The beauty of AI is that it can churn out productivity 24/7 365 days a year. It never procrastinates, it doesn’t take time off for sick leave, and you don’t have to worry about vacation days.

Of course, AI cannot truly replace an employee. It cannot offer the human touch that is crucial for communication and relationship building. However, it can suffice the work of employees, and take lead generation to the next level around the clock. When the sales team sleeps, AI takes over. This way, the employees can always work with high-quality leads generated by AI.

2. More Accurate Information and Insights

AI can help sales teams generate comprehensive and more precise insights and information. Typically, potential leads are mined from several sources, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and CRM systems. AI, however, takes it up a notch; it verifies the data against several other sources to help salespeople gather better data.

3. Gives automated messages a human touch

AI can help marketers tailor automated messages relevant to a particular lead’s interests, goals, and needs. By making the targeted messages feel more human, AI can help generate more conversations and more revenue.


With advances in machine learning technologies, AI can do wonders for salespeople. The team can use AI to increase production, gather more robust lead generation information, and take automated messaging to the next level.


About Author

Rick is a Serial Entrepreneur, Writer and Head of Marketing at Passionate Marketers.