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Gen Z, also known as iGeneration and Centennials, is a demographic cohort including the population born between 1997-2012. As digital natives, they had a huge inclusion of technology and the internet as they grew up. The generation consumes almost every form of content from the virtual world through these apps .

The obvious way for youth to connect in the era of digital revolution is through application with relevant features. There are communities created on these platforms that let this young generation have a sense of belonging. The communities can also act as a favorable target audience for marketers and their marketing efforts. 

According to research, Instagram and TikTok have a majority of the female population, whilst for males it’s TikTok and YouTube. Gen Z are digital natives, meaning they are extra picky about the content consumption that happens through these applications. There are more Gen Z apps than ever, which means the competition to win their attention is even fiercer. 

An upbringing with the deep penetration of the internet in their lives makes their online behavioral patterns different. They have accepted the online world as their world. The interaction that takes place online, for Gen Z, is almost as impactful as a real one. 




With more than 3.5 billion all time downloads, TikTok is the way to go. It was also revealed that 77% of Gen Z uses TikTok to access information and research products. It is wildly popular among the users from 16-24 years of age for the purpose of entertainment and education. 

For marketers the app is great because of the product marketing that can take place through hashtags and influencer partnerships. By using audios and trends, you can create a unique face for your brand. Some light humor never hurts anybody and can definitely increase sales. 




The YouTube mobile app has more than 5 billion all time downloads. A study conducted revealed that 98% of Gen Zers use YouTube and 80% use it at least once a week. Short-form content is currently at an all time high, but long form content never lost its charm. 

It is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. If you are a brand that offers products, YouTube is the best to attract Gen Z. Brand YouTube videos with high energy and have almost no content about the product works wonders on the platform. This makes your perfect reviews and images good for Instagram and TikTok. It is an educational platform that uses fun as a medium to educate its audience. 


The Pattern:


Astrology apps are highly engaging for Gen Z. Young people love astrology because it’s personalized, comforting and gives great content for memes. The greatest factor is that The Pattern is very personal to the point where it gives them information about themselves. 41% of the Gen Z population is willing to give personal information to receive a tailored experience.  




Instagram is a great place for marketers and users alike. 92% of users are gen Z on the platform and 78% use it every single day. Instagram is ideal for amplified reach of voice, visual storytelling and to focus on aesthetics of a product. Popular features like in-app purchase of products after a single view makes it an integrated shopping and social media. It has allowed influencers and celebrities to connect with their audience on a personal level via instagram live and stories. 




Spotify is a music streaming service that enables access to a wide range of music and podcasts. What gen Z is significantly attracted to is its personalized recommendations and well curated library. It has the ability to allow its users to connect with friends with their taste in music and share podcasts.




Snapchat gained its popularity because of its focus on the visual element. Users can share photos and videos which disappear after viewing. Gen Z is attracted to the app because of its fun lenses, filters and use of AR. The best part is its ability to connect with friends in a more private and ephemeral way.

In conclusion, Gen Z is attracted to the apps that either give them an outlet to self-expression or access to information and entertainment. Above are only a few listed applications that the Gen Z population is attracted to but there are many more. 

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