Twitter is officially doubling its character count.

It already began testing the character limit back in September and in less than 2 months after receiving a mixed reaction to this experiment, Twitter is enabling the new length limit on Tuesday for all the users;  except tweets in Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. These tweets will still have the 140 character limit.


Image Source: Twitter

Twitter says, users are engaging with longer tweets more and has also alleviated a major problem that users regularly ran of the length limit. This makes it easier for users to tweet what they want to and in turn will lead them tweeting more often and will keep it more engaging for them.9% tweets in English, initially hit the character limit. This reflected in lots of time spent in editing and at times abandoning the tweets before sending it. With the increase in character count, this problem was massively solved and the numbers dropped to only 1% of tweets running up against the character limit. Twitter highlighted that people in the experiment felt more satisfied with the higher character limit and made them express well on Twitter.

The new 280 character limit is already hitting the official app, web interface, and Tweetdeck for users in most countries. Instead of a character count, you have a small circle that fills up as you type. Third-party apps were not able to integrate longer tweets during the test, but presumably, that will be an option soon.


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