Back in September, Twitter was testing a feature that would allow users to easily create something called as “Tweetstorms”. Tweetstorm is a series of connected tweets that allows users to type out several tweets and send it one-by-one making it easier for the users not having to type and send each tweet individually.

The feature wasn’t available back then, but now it appears to be live for some users.Twitter has been testing this feature for both Android and iOS. The version shared by Android Police has been in testing for few weeks, according to Twitter.


Image Source: Android Police

With the new update, the users would see a new “Tweet All” button that would replace your avatar and a “+” icon is found next to the character count.


By tapping onto it the users can link multiple tweets together. The interface shows the different tweets, so you can edit and change each one individually before you tweet them.
For example, The Twitterati can use tweetstorm to tell their story.

In the past, Twitter created the @reply, the hashtag, and the RT based on patterns of user behavior that were born organically on its platform, then adopted by a sizable number of users.The tweetstorm would easily fall into this category, too

Although tweets are posted together, they are not bound by the character limit as a whole. Every individual tweet has the new 280 character limit implemented by Twitter recently.

Twitter has not yet announced a date as to when this feature will be officially launched and be available to all the users on the platform.

Last month, the company announced a timeline for specific updates to the platform, including banning “hateful imagery,” “hate avatars” and “hateful display names.”


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