After testing the subscription of $99 per-month profile promotion option back in July, Twitter is now opening this option to all users across UK and US. Users will now be able to use ‘Promote Mode’ to boost their tweets.

The ‘Promote Mode’ is enabled for users paying $99 per month. Users just have to tweet normally as they do and Twitter will then promote each of the tweets to interested users, based on the selected target audience.

However, targeting is limited to 5 interests or locations in a selected country. Users can’t select which tweets to promote. Once the tweets are entered in targeting options all of your tweets will be shown with a ‘promoted’ marker attached to them when shown to those outside your existing audience.

Advertisers can opt to pause their campaigns at any time, and any organic tweets sent out while paused, will not be eligible for promotion until Promote Mode is unpaused.

This Promote Mode option is available to all accounts including the businesses and individuals, Twitter announced on Wednesday. The plan is aimed towards businesses and individuals with small followings, looking to grow their presence on Twitter.

On an average, each account will reach 30,000 additional people and add approximately 30 followers each month, according to the program’s help section on Twitter’s site.

According to a Twitter’s spokesperson, Brands that will enroll in the Promote Mode will be able to buy ads through Twitter’s self-serve ad-buying tool; if a tweet is promoted by Twitter through Promote Mode and also run as a targeted ad through Twitter’s Ads Manager, the two ads will be treated as separate campaigns.

Promote Mode is available in the mobile app. It’s available in the in-app menu: tapping the icon will open a dashboard outlining how to Promote Mode campaigns have performed so far that month. Advertisers can see how many people they reached, how many followers they added and how many people checked out their profiles.

Followers Gained

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