Snapchat on Friday announced its latest feature called “Promoted stories” to give advertisers their own branded slot on Snapchat Discover for a single day.

Promoted stories is a combination of Snapchat’s organic stories and Snap Ads. It’s a paid version of a regular story. There’s a limit on how many Snaps a Promoted story can carry. Advertisers are required to include at least 3 snaps but not more than 10. Like a regular story, a promoted story will automatically transition from one snap to the next. Adding attachments to each snap in their story will gain people’s interest so they can do one of these 3 – visit the brand’s site,  check out a branded article and/or install its mobile app.

Promoted Stories will be displayed only in the Stories tab and not the Discover tab, according to a Snapchat spokesperson.

“Our advertising partners have been asking for ways to tell deeper stories on mobile. Promoted Stories offer marketers access to the same stories format used by our community, combined with the reach and placement enjoyed by publishers on the app,” Snapchat’s Director of Revenue Product, Peter Sellis, said in an emailed statement.

Snapchat will also give advertisers in-detail information for how many times people saw their Promoted Story tile and how many times they opened the Promoted Story, as well as the total number of unique impressions, earned impressions, conversions and the effective cost of those impressions based on the ad’s performance and fixed price.


Image Source: Marketingland

HBO is the first brand to run a Promoted Story in the US, while ASOS is the first to do so in the UK and France.


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