Snapchat on Wednesday announced they are looking to roll out a new conversion tracking tool called the ‘SnapPixel’, shifting their focus from “avoiding being creepy”. The pixel lets brands measure how much their ads on Snapchat impact their website traffic.

The Snap Pixel acts as any other pixel, which will Snap track and analyze conversions from referral traffic coming from the platform on the pages where the Pixel has been added to. Snap Pixel lets advertisers create pieces of code on websites that track what you do after you see one of their ads on the app. This feature has been specially designed to measure the effectiveness of their ads and optimise their ads on the app.

Advertisers will have to add the SnapPixel to the pages with specific conversion events that the page corresponds to. Once set-up, conversions can be tracked on Snapchat’s Ad Manager or a third-party software provider that plugs into Snapchat’s advertising API.

Snapchat ads will be more targeted with the adoption of the new marketing tool. This lets the image-chat based platform to compete with other brands’ budgets i.e. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter which already have the similar tools.

Advertisers can access and analyze data collected within 28 days of viewing or engaging with an ad, but will initially only be able to use Snap Pixel for measurement purposes.

Snapchat will also allow retargeting, which lets ads follow you around the web, but the catch being, users will be able to opt out of this. For more details on the Snap Pixel, you can check out the Snap’s Official blog


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