PayPal is focusing on building payment and commerce tools that connect merchants and consumers in a unique way. It has launched a new tool for marketing, that will provide merchants an overall analytics of how shoppers use the online payment platform.

The newly launched shopping insight tool will have data to track the behavior of PayPal users. In its release announcing the rollout, PayPal mentioned that the tool will include,”things like how many shoppers are mobile shoppers; how many shops for big-ticket versus small-ticket items; how a particular merchant site attracts customers compared to other similar sites”

The merchants can use the tool, by simply installing a PayPal code snippet on their sites, which will collect information on PayPal web visitors including cookies, browser, device and type, IP address, page impressions and clicks, and URL.

The merchants in return will receive analytical data similar to that of Google Analytics which will help them improvise conversion rated and serve their customers better.

This new feature is currently available to merchants use its payment processing, PayPal Credit and other PayPal solutions, including those using them via third-party e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify.


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