Google announced that it aims to expand its focus on Google Trends service. It will have more real-time data on News, Shopping, Images, Youtube.

Google says “We’re opening up more data to show what people in the world are looking for as they’re looking for it—whether it’s just out of curiosity, to write a story or something else”

The expansion makes sense as the platform is open and lets anyone track what the world’s web searchers are looking for both in real time and non-real time. Google searches aren’t just about people typing in words into a browser to see a set of standard results as a series of links.Google in their blog post explained the different changes done to Google Trends and how it will allow users to explore search results in different ways now.

To use the feature you type in your keywords into Google Trends search box as before, then select the appropriate topic from the autocomplete suggestions. For example, in Michael Jackson’s case, you’d pick the “singer-songwriter” topic at the top of the list. It will then show the latest trends from web searches, including filtering by geography or time frame.




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