As Twitter planned to make paid ads more transparent for users; so has Facebook.

Facebook on Friday announced the introduction of a new advertising feature.As Facebook wants to make political advertisements easier to recognize, it will start displaying the ads that the pages are currently running across the Facebook’s properties.

To do this, Facebook will be adding a ‘View Ads’ tab to pages that will showcase all on-going campaigns, running on Facebook, Instagram and, Messenger, whether or not the person viewing is in the intended target audience for the ad.

Election-Related Ad Disclosure

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Facebook in their post also said that all pages will be a part of this effort, and will require ads to be associated with a Page, during the ad creation process.

Canada will be the first to test this new update and will roll out in the US next summer, ahead of the November elections, Other countries worldwide, will also see the update around the same time.

view adsJoel Kaplan, Vice President for US Public Policy – ‎Facebook mentioned, that advertisers looking to run election-related ads will need to have more thorough documentation.

Political ads will need to be identified as political and verify entity and location. A “paid for by” disclosure will be included and users can tap on an ad to view this information.

To combat advertisers that do not disclose themselves, Facebook will use machine learning to help identify and verify them as political advertisers.Zuckerberg also said Facebook is adding “thousands” of people to its teams that review ads.



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