Facebook has created an app just for the video creators around the world its called ‘Facebook Creators’

It includes a bunch of tools for streaming videos, updating stories and messaging people across several Facebook’s platforms.

Facebook has also announced a new deal to air 47 college basketball games, to keep up in the streaming battle with Youtube, Amazon, Twitter as all of them are working to provide the best, web-based TV series in order to attract more advertiser’s interest.

Airing the basketball is an add-on as the overall college basketball TV ratings have fallen in recent years, the recent state championship classic game between Duke and Michigan attracted over 3 million viewers, notably up from last year.

But with the revive of the Facebook’s ‘Mentions’ app into a new tool ‘Facebook Creator’ has helped creators to maximize their video content, that includes:

facebook creator app

Image Source: Facebook

– Special features for Facebook Live that will enable the publishers to add custom intros and outros to their live videos.

– Adding interactive stickers, which also enables the creators to replace one of the six reactions emoji with an alternative graphic of their choice.

– The app also creates a unified inbox for comments on Facebook and Instagram messages from the messenger.

– The functionality to post content directly to Facebook Stories (and now, by extension, Messenger), and cross-post from Facebook to Instagram

– Facebook analytics is available for the creators with more data on fan response, enabling greater optimization.

The new options for video creators are huge, there’s a lot that is enabled for them to create more professional, high-quality streaming content.


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