Snapchat has been working to boost advertisers interest since the release of its Q3 earnings report. Last month Snapchat announced its new feature which will enable the brands to use “Context Cards“.

The mobile app is opening up this feature to the advertisers. Advertisers can now attach Context Cards to their ads so that people can swipe and tap to visit their sites, but only for the advertisers who buy Sponsored Lens And Sponsored Geofilter.

The Context cards will only appear when people are viewing someone else’s snap story that uses a given a Sponsored Lens or Sponsored Geofilters.


This is initially available for advertisers in the US and will roll out to the countries next year. Film studio Lionsgate is the first brand to attach Context Cards to a Sponsored Lens campaign.

Analytics and Tracking

Snapchat will provide all the information to the advertisers related to how people are using their context card, how many times a context card was shown to the people, and the number of times people clicked on the context card, as well as click-through rate. Brands can even configure their context cards with their own conversion tracking tool.

“Snapchat’s spokesperson confirmed that a brand can include additional parameters in its URL to identify when someone is visiting a page from a Context Card. That way, the brand could track what that person does on the page and elsewhere on its site, such as making a purchase or scheduling an appointment, to measure the campaign’s return on investment”


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