It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive an audience to your sales funnel. It can do wonders for your lead generation. But, building a subscriber list of over 10000 entries isn’t always a walk in the park.

Taking your time to tailor content and grow your list the right way, can do the trick. Below, we’ve rounded up eight nifty lead generating tips to help you spruce up your email marketing list.

1. Include Clear Click-to-Actions in Blog Posts

A clear and defined CTA cannot be argued with. They’ve gained increased use in ads and landing pages, but they can also come in handy when you’re trying to generate leads for your email marketing list. Include a link to premium content (eBook or white paper) as an incentive for signing up.

2. Give “Hello Bar” A Try

You’ve probably come across a Hello Bar at the top, or sometimes bottom, of a web page. It’s a popular non-invasive way to drive traffic to your landing pages, squeeze pages, and not to mention for users to subscribe to your emailing list.

3. Offer Perks – Discounts, Deals, Freebies, etc.

If you want to grow your list fast and without much hassle, offer products or services at a discounted rate. Of course, with a small catch: signup or subscribe to a newsletter. This works great when you’re trying to build your social presence too.

4. Use Slide-in Call-to-Actions

You must have come across slide-in CTA’s; those nifty boxes that slide in at the bottom of the page when you’re scrolling to read content. Much more subtle than an in-your-face pop-up box, these eye-catching CTA’s are great while inviting readers to download a company white paper or to snag a deal.

5. Take Advantage of Margin Banners

Leverage catchy margin banners with attractive titles such as “Never Miss a Thing” to lure readers to sign up for your emailing list. Even though it’s out of the way, it’s bound to catch your reader’s eye.

6. Leverage Influencers you know

Most of the tips above take a passive approach to lead generation. For a passive solution, you may want to reach out to influencers via social media or email, whichever works best. You need to pick an authoritative figure or someone who commands immense respect in your niche. There’s a reason why influencer marketing became so popular. A word from such an individual can do wonders for your products and brand.

7. Answer Comments with Call to Actions

The comments section is a secret weapon for generating leads because it attracts readers who care enough about your content, products or services to engage with you.

8. Leverage Time-Delay Pop-Ups

Again, we’re not recommending those annoying, in-your-face pop-ups These pop-ups should only appear when the user is done reading or browsing. It’s a pleasant and non-invasive way to cajole the reader to sign up for your email list or newsletter.


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