It’s no surprise that most marketers shy away from taking on B2B tasks. A majority fear that it, as it’s different from what they’re used to tackling. But the inescapable fact remains that a good B2B marketing strategy, when executed well, can bring in fantastic returns.

In fact, it is not that difficult to put such a strategy in place as there are several tactics and ideas to deploy. While formulating said strategy though, a marketer must be aware of costs and time involved.

Although there are several ways of making a B2B marketing strategy more efficient, we’ve listed what we think would take your strategy to the stratosphere!

1. Choose the right keywords

What are the most frequently searched queries in your industry? What are your competitors focusing on? Are you really ranking well for relevant keywords?

Crafting content around these questions gives you high-quality content and better relevance on search engines. It is hard to get on Google’s first page for high volume keywords, but you can still rank well for long tail keywords. Keyword research tools that can help you in this are SPyFu, Longtail Pro, and SEMrush.

If you’re running a business that is struggling to keep up with Google’s changing algorithm, then you might want to consider professional SEO services, like that of SocioSquares.

2. Put your audience first

More than a tactic, this should be a principle by which you work. By keeping your customers as the focus, your marketing content is always going to be on point and find good reception.

It involves analyzing what your customers are asking for and talking about. Craft content around these topics and promote it to these targeted accounts. This ensures that your customers have information that they consider highly helpful and keeps them coming back for more.

This is not only time efficient but also cost effective.

3. Trust Matters

Pushing to convert as early as possible is a poor marketing strategy. Today, customers are spoilt for choice and often need to know that they are dealing with a trustworthy partner before making their purchase decision.

This is where frequent high-quality content comes in. Start by getting them on your email list and nurture them with relevant content.

Appearing to be an authority in the industry makes it easier to lead the customer down the sales funnel.

4. Use influencers

Guest blogging can be used very effectively. Having industry influencers and thought leaders put out content for your customers cements your role as an industry authority. Plus the audience that an influencer’s content reaches is probably wider than your own.

Have at least one guest blog post every month and your readers will always come back for more.

5. High impact visual content

Test how high-impact webinars and podcasts work for you by including industry influencers. Video content makes a bigger impact, and also makes better rankings on Google. The Content Marketing Institute has reported that webinars are among the top 5 most effective marketing tactics.

6. Use proper channels

What works well for B2C will not necessarily work as well for B2B marketing. Twitter might be good for promoting discounts, but LinkedIn will be ideal for creating B2B connections.

Research on where your audience is likely to be found and craft content that can be delivered through suitable channels.