Creating a loyalty reward program can do wonders for every aspect of your business – from lead generation to the bottom line and everything in-between. Of course, garnering a customer is one thing, but retaining the customer is a whole different story.

Looking for ways to spruce up your loyalty rewards program? Read on to learn our ten business tips on how to create and stay on top of customer loyalty.

#1. Offer Top-notch Customer Service

It might seem like a no-brainer, but excellent service and utmost care are what creates lifetime customers and make your business stand out. How can one enhance customer service? For one, you have to listen deeply to what customers have to say and address their concerns promptly.

#2. Open Channels for Communication

Robust communication channels allow you to engage and update your customer frequently. Create mailing lists and phonebooks so that you can send reminders, monthly newsletters, and birthday wishes.

Social media pages can also help you engage and stay in touch with your customers and clients. Don’t forget to send tips, tricks, and tutorials to keep your messages fresh and entertaining.

#3. Don’t forget about the Human Touch

Don’t over-rely on technology. Bring in a customer care team of highly trained and experienced reps who can help you build loyalty.

#4. Provide them with a head start

If you’ve just created your loyalty rewards program, it is best if you can give them a head start. If your customers have to buy ten burgers before they get a free one, you can give them the first three punches for free. This way, they’ll most likely stick with the program.

#5. Always Smile

This applies to the in-store experience. It’s said that a smile is infectious. Who knows; you can make someone’s day. And the numbers don’t lie. It has been well documented that customers welcomed and greeted with a smile spend 67% more time in the store. Of course, that can translate into loyal customers.

#6. Surpass expectations

If your policy says you’ll respond in 24 hours, make it an hour. It’ll work like a charm.

#7. Don’t overlook existing clients

We have a habit of chasing after new business often neglecting current customers. Refrain from that, and you’ll build customer loyalty.

#8. Hire the right employees

Hire employees who’ll buy into your customer-first approach.

#9. Be Personal

In your emails, phone calls, social media interactions, and so forth, it pays to get personal.

#10. Provide customers with meaningful rewards and perks

Customers love getting something meaningful and thoughtful.

Congratulations! With these handy tips, you can take your loyalty rewards program to the next level.


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Rick is a Serial Entrepreneur, Writer and Head of Marketing at Passionate Marketers.